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Ninja 300 or CBR500r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bernard17, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Ok so currently on my car p plates in Qld. Thinking of getting a bike once I can instead of a car to be main mode of transport. Ive figured by end of the year ill have enough to budget upto $6000 on a bike. Thinking under 7000k and physical inspection of the bike I should be fairly safe not getting a dud. I'm taking a guess here and thinking another $2-3000 should be enough to get me a decent set of safety gear, rego, rwc if needed, qride course and test fee, and some luggage options. Main thing is usually every other weekend I go and help out scours or go myself climbing or camping overnight. The motopack gts90 saddle and tail bags look enough from what I have heard. The place I go climbing is only an hour and a half away, though thats on the bruce hwy (from near Bundaberg to gympie) which is the better option. I di have some experience riding, on properties chasing pigs. So any opinions.

    P.s. Please let me know if this is Bette suited in the beginner section.

  2. Go the 500, IMHO bigger capacity is always better
  3. I've got a Ninja 300 and think it is a fantastic first bike. Usually plenty around 2nd hand in good condition cheap.

    That said are you sure you might not like a different type of motorcycle given you camp etc? Maybe something that can do a little off-roading as well?
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  4. Ive got a cbr500r and imho its a good all round bike got the torque and control to throw it through corners when you in the mood but its also quite happy just to cruise around town or on the freeway
  5. As said earlier, there is nothing that is better than capacity. I'd definitely go a 500cc over a 250 or 300cc. Not saying that a Ninja is not a good bike, rather you will find a smaller capacity bike 'wanting' after a period of ownership. The Suzuki GS500, Honda CB500, Kwaka Er6N, Suzuki 650 VStrom. There are many to chose from.
  6. If you're tall, a KLR650 would make a top camping bike, I think.

    Check out cycle-ergo.com for size
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  7. I'm 182cm, 85kg.

    My main concern is that the 300 will struggle to maintain speed up the hills. The main use will be to and from work (I know some pretty nice back roads as well as the main highway) and around town. So id prefer a sport style bike. I dont think I mentioned it but I intend to buy second hand and do my own work except for the major services. Which is an extra tick to the cbr500 as that's only every 24000k ill have to drop it into a mechanic for valves etc. So lots of hyo gtr650r at nice prices but too sporty of position. Plenty of ninja 300's and a few cbr500r's most of the time. Gs500 seems to be there most of the time. I'll be jumping on and test riding them once I get a license.
  8. The GS looks like a sports bike, but it's just really a commuter dressed up.
    As such, the riding position is quite upright, with a bit of a stretch to the bars. I thing the large tank is partly responsible for this. Perfect for my long monkey arms, but some average sized humans find it uncomfortable.

    My advice: Suck it and see.
  9. I am not putting my numbers up but the whinja and I go up hills with 30kgs of luggage just fine...and the bike would be under significant load!
    If you can already ride okay don't get a ninja 300. But if you can't what a great little bike. I tour on mine when I can and we have a dandy time together thanks. Yes we have perhaps started to grow apart but the love is still there, particularly in the corners :p
    I get off my Ps at end of November and we may then head to the divorce courts but it will be amicable...who knows, we may even maintain a track relationship... :)
    The ninja is fun, a little sporty and great in the corners. You need to plan your overtaking well as there isn't a lot if grunt to play with... Only downside I can think of really.
  10. Go the 500, the extra grunt will be welcomed on the highway, especially with a bit of gear on board.

    Cbr500r is more powerful, a bit lighter, and more modern than a gs500f. You also could potentially stretch to the Ninja 650L, but as you're in qld, you've the option to upgrade in a year so I wouldn't spend more than you need to.
  11. But so are all the bikes mentioned. Ninja 300s, CBRs are all just faired commuter bikes really. The only LAMs bikes that really approach true sports bike are the SV650 and the hyosung 650 with a decent amount of power, sportier suspension and clip ons.

    I think a lot of new riders make the mistake that fairings equals sports bike which is simply not the case it would be like assuming every car with a spoiler is a sports car.

    Now that's said if your going camping regularly id look at bike with decent carying capacity. I'd have a look at a Versys Ride one of those and try and tell me it's not sporty enough. Or if you like the Honda 500 why not the 500x same bike just a bit higher for ground clearance.
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  12. Sob sob...sports bike rider bubble now well and truly burst...next you'll be telling me that Santa isn't real either... :cry:
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  13. Hyosung do make a 650 that is more upright mate. They are called either a comet or 650s. For the $ decent bikes. More power that gs500 I'm pretty sure. Even more if u unrestrict it on the sly
  14. I have the 500r, my mate a 300f. He had no issues keeping up with me last weekend around Tamborine etc (we're both still relatively new to riding). Personally I find the long motorway runs a little tedious even on the 500. That could be the speed limit more than the bike limit though. It seems to sit up around the 5 to 6k rev mark, on a bike that red lines at 8.5k. Not sure how the ninja compares to that?
  15. Look I won't talk my pseudo sports bike, the whinja 300 up
    When riding on the slab it is batshit boring but gets along okay. Only time is overtaking, if you get her cranked up no probs but don't expect to be close to someone, drop her down a gear and zoom off around them. Won't be pretty but doable on the freeway.
    The whinja likes the higher revs and happily sits at 8-9000 rpm in 4th or 5th gear and can plod at around 6000 rpm in 6th.
    Only redlined once in third @ 11000rpm doing about $1.20 ish ish.
    I don't know much about bikes really but that is how it seems in my hands :)
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  16. Ninja will be fine on the motorway. I am almost identical to your weight and height and have no problem doing overtakes. Only difference would be is if you wanted to overtake in top gear, on the 300 you would need to downshift but on the CBR you would have the torque to get you along in the highest gear. If your luggage is not too heavy then 300 will do. They are also cheaper than a the 500 by at least $1k so spend the difference on gear.
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  17. I have no problem making use of the gears. And will gear would probably be no more than 15kg or so. Looking at getting gts90 pack and a tail pack for those weekends. Maybe a tank bag as well depending on what's left in budget at the time.

    Ninja 300's are alot more common then the cbr500 and that. What would be ideal amount of k's on the clock for a used ninja? Hows sub 7000k or so sound?
  18. If it's new then you can find non abs for sub 6k. Go second hand though as they are still new bikes and will give you little to no issues.
    Try to get one under 12,000km as that's when the first major service is due. I picked mine with 9,000km on the clock for a little more than half its new price.
    Just make sure it has a good service record and if you are buying pre 2014 model then make sure both factory recalls have been done.
    Think it was an ecu and a brake recall.
  19. Anyone who has ridden a bike with balls will get back on a 250/300 on the freeway and want to kill themselves. They suck big time having to rev the tits off them and ride them at 75% throttle to stay on the limit. Trying to overtake takes so long that it's dangerous.
  20. Hi Bernard17

    We have both I have a CBR500R my wife rides a Z300 (naked version of the Ninja). I'm 173cm and 83kg. We rode to Albany together. No difference in fuel consumption. CBR was doing 5000rpm the Z a lot more. The Z feels nice and light but I feel it's a bit cramped for me. It feels like I'm riding a monkey bike. Liked the fact that the Z was so light was a great plus point for the wife. But I have found that you get used to the weight. You also tend not to get into situations where the weight is an issue. You'll only park once on a downhill where you have to pedal the bike backwards. Both are pretty gutless from 120kmh +. Z feels very agile. But I suspect the twitchiness gets a tad wearing on the long rides. Aerodynamics on the CBR excellent. Tucked in you'll ride through buffeting quite easily.

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