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Ninja 300 - Looks good when not green!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V2, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. The new colours look great. I still cant work out how a company selling lime green bikes hasn't gone broke!

    Ninja 300
  2. I'm with you; I think the white 300 looks brilliant!
  3. Agreed. Obviously enough people think otherwise however.. :)
    White 300 owner here.
  4. I know someone who is going to get the shits with this thread @MadAzz300
  5. They love the green, do they?
  6. How do you find the 300, incidentally? I'd like to get one in the very near future
  7. My Z1000 was green - best colour for it, looked fantastic. Madazz is quite vociferous in her love of the green (300).
  8. Wtf is wrong wih green?
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  9. I sat on one of these today at the show. Was quite impressed, nicer than the old ones.
  10. Nothing - if your Irish!
  11. The Z1000 looks way better in the matt white, especially with the accents.
  12. Seriously?
    My Z1000 looked amazing in green, way better than the black (the only other colour available in the 2011 year when I got mine) and much better than the flat white with dodgy red/orange colour accents.

    Apart from the subjective likes/dislikes of colour, it's a kwaka, have some sense of history, team green all the way!
  13. History.

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  14. I just find green and black dull and too common. The matt white shows off the details of the bike much better.
  15. I get what you're saying (my current bike is white for the very reason you're stating).

    I am more challenging the veracity of the OP's point (I get a bit tetchy if my morning coffee is delivered late, I'll have a biscuit and get back in my box).
  16. You got a high-res of that? would like it as my desktop background
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  17. Why on earth people would want a motor bike in appliance white I will never understand but as long as companies offer colours as well as boring white I don't really care.
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  18. One could argue that as it's Japanese, white could be appropriate :p