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Ninja 300 Exhausts - watcha got?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by chillibutton, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. A fair few Ninja 300 riders on here, with a number of newbies (Oldmaid I'm looking at you and the great Wasabi machine). I was wondering how many have stock exhausts and how many have aftermarket slip ons? My wife's has a fantastic Leo Vince Corsa on it and, man, it really adds to the experience of the little machine. Its a fun bike to ride anyway, but I reckon you get about a 20% increase in "fun factor" or enjoyment just listening to that exhaust note burbling and popping away - waaaaaay better than the stock model. Particularly if you're an engine note audiophile like me ;-) . IMO looks a heap better too, see comparison pics below (notice fender eliminator kit on 2nd pic, this was just after refitting bike post-RWC). Easy to fit on/off for refitting stock for RWC purposes as well.

    I've also added brief vid/audio of each.

    So what have you got on yours, and how does it sound? And for those with stock standard - your mission this weekend is to find a new one! ;)

    Ninja 300 stock exhaust.JPG

    Ninja 300 LV exhaust.JPG

    Stock - http://youtu.be/au7R8EP_UGg

    Leo Vince - http://youtu.be/o4hI3rhDPjQ

  2. i had the two brothers carbon on
  3. You're on the Shiver now right?
  4. Lil' Wasabi is even hotter with a throaty thrummm now as I whacked a yoshimura pipe on her.:woot:

    TMI to write how hotttt she sounds to me now but I love chucking her back a gear and giving the throttle a nudge everytime I go through the ED, HBT, LCT and underpasses.
    I figured why the xxxx not? Paying stupid tolls so I may as well grt my jollys somehow;)
  5. I thought it was mandatory to "explore" your throttle setting while in any tunnel, underpass etc...8-|
  6. yup
  7. i hate to be that guy but no ninja300 or cbr250 with a pipe on it sounds good, spend your money on some good tyres instead and get ride of those stock ones
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  8. LostWalletLostWallet have you lost your marbles as well;-)
    My ninja Wasabi sounds hot and spicy to me and she has the goods on the rims as well!:p
    Humph arms folded scowling at you ...:smug:
    Did I use enough emoticons?
  9. all single cylinder bikes sound like a wet fart in slow motion. except for 2strokes which sound like a wet fart at normal speeds in a tin shed
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  10. Cruel cruel cruel -sob...my street cred is shot to sh*t isn't it... I suppose the yoshi is the fart follow through personified!:yuck:
  11. at least its not a riced out honda civic with a 7" pipe
  12. Oh that's my cage how'd ya guess?
  13. Matter of opinion there lostwallet, and I reckon this sounds better than my old CB900F from back in the day. Would agree that the stock exhaust note is piss poor though!
  14. I've heard all different brands on the 300 and they all sound the same. Not worth spending the $$$ on an exhaust for any small capacity bike when the cheapest option achieves the same result (in my opinion)

    I went for the $220 Musarri (Aussie Made);
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  15. Your baby Ninja is louder than my K1300R with full Akra system.
  16. Just my crap down shifting..:whistle:
  17. I have a Mussari on mine now.....love it :)
  18. Whilst exhausts make bikes sound better / different :headphone: I'm dreading the day when some 18 year old manages to hook a blow off valve from their Civic onto their 2 wheeled beast... BRRRRRRAAAAAAAP WOOOT-T-T-T-T-T-TOO-TOOO-OOOOOOOOSH! *changes to 2nd....
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  19. Well, there is the H2, so only a matter of time.