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Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by xcwizit, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. #1 xcwizit, Nov 1, 2009
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    Hi guys & gals!
    I am new on these forums, have been riding for 3 yrs. on and off. Used to own a 90 zx2r, now I own the 2008 Ninja 250r and have finally taken some quick pictures of the ride.
    It's pretty much stock standard although from the tinted visor and megacycle slip on which were both freebees and the custom made rear fender and rim stripes =]. Oh by the way I am from Melbourne AUSTRALIA! It will be good to talk with you guys in future in these forums!
    Next thing I want to do is get the seat cowl and a fatter tyre probably 150 wide just for its' looks.

    Anyway hope you all enjoy the photos!

    spot the ninja! lol

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  2. Welcome xcwizit!

    Might catch you on a group ride.

    Still on your Ls? Tuesday night is a great night.
  3. welcome aboard xcwizit. nice ride.

    I have the same exhaust on my ninja 250, makes it sound much better and bigger than it is!

    Come down for a Tuesday night ride sometime, the ninja population is growing.
  4. Nice bike.
    Best looking 250 imo.
  5. to AKALUKE: Yeah still on the L's im a confident rider, although back then I wasn't riding with any L's *winx* so I thought I'd better get them this time round, the bike isn't going to last in my hands long, once I get my P's i'm getting a 600cc.

    to KWAKASH: i love the exhaust. Please share your fotos mate, I want to see the exhaust on a black ninja!

    to MEGAPHAT: thanks for the heads up. Dont worry I've looked at your post on your ninja, yours looks 1000 times more stunning! *thumbs up*