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Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Metal_Gear, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I need your help i have a 08' Ninja 250R and think its a great bike to start off on and dont care if only a little 250 still a nice bike in my books. The thing is i need to beef you the noise it makes as the standard pipe is rubbish and sounds very poor. I have seen a few bikes the same (09' mods) that sounds sick as with after market pipe kits fitted. I just need some advice on what does/would work well with this bike and a rough cost plus any other idea that may help make this bike different from the rest Neons/Wheels/Rims etc. I know you will all thing this is big waste of money but i will be on this bike for some time (at least 18 months) so why not and good things come in small packages (bigger is not always better)

    Please give me any idea that you may have and will check them out

  2. Is your bike a Ninja 250r or a recently complianced ZXR250 (ZX-2R).

    Assuming you've got the Ninja 250r, I'd just keep the restrictive existing exhaust as the bike is tuned for a strong midrange. New exhaust = new tune required.

    You could just put on some wheel stripes and a fender eliminator. Otherwise I'd just leave it stock imo.
  3. Hi there. If its the new (stylised) ninja, youtube is your friend buddy. Plenty of clips on there with good quality clips of various exhaust sounds, under load etc.

    Wheels? reflective rim tape, led wheel caps, lol. Go as glitzy as you want.
  4. actually in terms of mods, if its a daily ride i'd suggest heated handgrips. Cant be beat in winter.
  5. Post some pics of your bike so we can see what the bike looks like now.
  6. Hi Sinner and Liquidity,

    Thanks for the tips and all sound advice. I have the new Ninja well the 08' version which is no different to the 09' version expect what colours it comes in. I have pics in the Garage section of this site and tried to upload more from my comp but this site wont take them (file size to large) I will try to take some new ones as on my phone once i get the bike back to showroom condition (i had a little smash and yet to fit the new duck tail and left blinker) apart from that she is stock standard and like all the rest. I may sound dumb asking this but what is relective rim tape and led wheel caps and what do they look like. Need a honest opion on this also do you think a sticker or two is tacky or if done probly a cheap way to add my own touch to the bike? I just found a Two Brothers Slip on exhaust and looks mad (have seen and heard one on another bike and sounded great) only $450 think thats quite fair. Might get a seat cowl to match the bike a good after market one should do the trick.

    Thanks again for the help!! :cool:
  7. Do what *you* want. If you want to just look "cool" the ninjas got that already from styling. If you want to look "cool" to other sport riders...well....your on a 250...
  8. Hi Metal_gear,

    I also have an 09 250r Ninja. I hated the stock pipe.

    I'm not to sure if your in Victoria, but head down to Megacycle if you are.

    30 minutes and $385 later, you have a new Exhaust. Best $385 i have ever spent. The guys down there are great aswell. I'm definitely going to them for my next bike.

    I'll try and get some video of my exhaust.

  9. I've got a two brothers carbon fibre slip on and it's heinously loud

    At the end of the day, they don't have a spec of difference between them.
    You will get a marginal 2 or so BHP increase in power from a slip on, and around 3BHP with a full system.

    Ultimately, just go for looks.

    Brands to check:
    Two Brothers
    Leo Vince
  10. 1) Fender eliminator is a must
    2) take off all parts that are Aluminium colour and get them powder coated black
    3) red wheel tape will make you bike pop nicely
    4) I’d get some red grips, maybe something like these http://www.rizoma.com/Prodotti/ProdottiUniversal.cfm?ID_categoria=6&IDSez=1 (click red)
    5) Seat Cowl
    6) Black Sprockets and brake plates
    7) Red license plate

    Also I recommend you put your bike through photo shop and see some different options that you come up with. Try going with some fairing decals. This will set you apart from any other 250 going around.