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Ninja 250r won't engage 1st

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ajc_082, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Have got a new ninja, still running it in with only 200km on board but noticed a small issue thought i'd ask if anyone else has had similar.

    When slowing down for traffic light, gear down then when stopped I click back to 1st, and sometimes it hits neutral but light is off so when i go to take off No drive. (very annoying and possibly dangerous)

    Also if i stop, and go to neutral at a red light no worries, then click 1st to go and N light goes off, but no drive i have to really thump the lever to get 1st or click it back to neutral and then thump it for 1st. All other gears and when moving no worries.

    Could it be just a simple adjustment keeping in mind it is still new???

  2. Some bikes dislike going into 1st if the wheels aren't moving. I used to have great difficulty on my GS500 if I put it into neutral on a slope - as I had to roll the bike forwards to get it into gear!

    So try rolling forwards as you try to tap it into 1st (if you're stopped in neutral). Also, it sounds like you may not be putting enough pressure into your change down from 2nd to 1st, so you're dropping into neutral instead. Be more definite with your gear change in that instance.

    As for the false neutrals you're experiencing (not showing as neutral but not engaging the gear) I would definitely mention that when you book in for your next service - or even drop in to where you bought the bike and mention it. That doesn't sound right to me.
  3. Could be, although on my GPX 250! i have to give the clutch a squeeze in between neutral and first, has become habit now. I'd check with the dealer, see what they think.
  4. Cheers guys, yeh i've had a few bikes now... none new and haven't experienced false neutrals when selecting to 1st. Will give the bike shop a call on monday.

    yeah Mcsenna I had a gpx a few years ago and only very occasionally it wouldn't engage 1st from neutral but the N light was always on.
  5. Change your oil see if it helps engage gears smoother, Could be crappy dealer oil.

    Ive never had this issue before, rolling forward, backwards or stand still.
    Somethings wrong, could be something simple such as the clutch freeplay, or something major in ya box
    Quickest way to bend your selectors!

    You will find it's more than likely because the bike is new & all the gears etc need to 'bed in' properly.
    Has happened with the last two bikes I've had. They both smoothed up around the 600k range.
    Snick it into gear & gently let the clutch out. If it doesn't engage (you'll feel it) Give it a 'little' rev, pull the clutch & try again.
    Sometimes you also need to roll the bike a few inches (75-100mm for you young'uns!) to get them to go in.
    Probably not a good idea to sit in neutral at the lights while this is happening. :D
  7. Yep as above. Keep a little downward pressure on your lever and then slowly start leeting the clutch out. Usually it will click into gear as you approach the friction point. If not pull clutch in and repeat.
  8. Yep. That's exactly what the dealer said. Just needed a minor clutch adjustment, and all is well. As I said never had a new bike, so hadn't experienced this before.
    (nope, after it happened twice i have been keeping it in gear at lights)

    All good, thanks guys.
  9. Listen to the wise men (Streety and GreyBM) - they speak truth.....

    Thumping anything rarely helps deliver the desired outcome.
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  10. It worked for the Fonz and he rode a bike
  11. My CBR does that occasionally, if it does I let the clutch out, pull it in again then I am able to get a gear. Clutch probably needs some adjustment or something
  12. My GSX650F can also occasionally not want to go in to first when sitting still, let clutch out, clutch back in and it goes in straight away.
  13. Coming from a mostly car background, I had to read up on motorcycle gearboxes but now understand. Yep Grey BM and streetmaster are spot on, slight release and re-application of the clutch helps ease into gear. Nothing wrong with the bike, just the rider lol. Apart from the blizzard i copped on the way home yesterday, all is good.
  14. This probably won't help to know but my 2008 Ninja 250r with 8,500k's does the same thing from time to time. It's forgetting to put it's neutral light on when it's there, rather than when I think it's in first. :p
  15. 2010 Z1000 with 28,000k's,,,,Yeah it happens sometimes :)