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Ninja 250R Transmission

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mike9999, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Ok, my Ninja has been good to me for the last 6 months, except for 1st gear. It has a habit of jumping into neutral if I really twist my wrist when in first gear. It started occurring very occasionally a couple months ago, so I started stomping on the gear pedal before I took off to make sure it was in first, but has lately been a more common occurrence. It can happen anytime during a ride. Is this a common problem among fellow Ninja owners out here? Has anyone had this problem with their bike before, Ninja or not? My bike's done around 10,500k's, is an '09 model, and has both its services at 1000km and 6000km. I picked it up just at 6000km, so the problem has been ongoing since then.

    Oh, another point to the problem I just remembered. If I bring up the revs while in first, then dump the clutch, it happens maybe 80% of the time (Shift into neutral).

  2. With gear shift problems, the first thing to do is get all you externals right first. Check and correct free-play in linkages and get you chain tension right.

    Once they are right, if you still have a problem then unfortunately the problem is internal.
  3. Thanks ibast, I checked my chain tension and it's all good. What linkages are you talking about exactly?
  4. from the foot pedal to the side of the gearbox.

    Check freeplay in the swingarm too.
  5. I wonder if oil has anything to do with it? My Gf bike is an 08 with just over 12,000km and this hasn't happened. Could this be what people mean by slipping when talking about oil?

    What oil do you use on your bike?
  6. The linkages look good ibast, so it sounds like an internal problem.

    Not too sure about what oil was used when it was last filled at the 6000km service. I should call them and find out.

    Hmmm...not too sure what to do. Take it to the mechanic i guess...
  7. I have a GPX250R (predecessor to the Ninja 250), and sometimes it will slip from 2nd to neutral. You do tend to look like a tosser when you take off from the lights, get in front of the traffic, slip into neutral and (accidentally) rev the f*** out of the engine while the traffic behind is gaining on you.

    I find it's worst after changing the oil or topping it up to the upper end of the recommended range. A couple of weeks of riding and the problem seems to go away (or at least becomes far less common), probably as a bit of oil gets burnt.

    And for a heap of good info on our bikes, have a look at http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Main_Page
  8. Haha yeap it's definitely embarrasing, such a fail lol. Although mine jumps from 1st into neutral. I find I can avoid it by keeping my foot pressed firmly on the gear lever as i'm going through first. Which means I can't quickly shift into 2nd but oh well.

    Great website, cheers.
  9. If your ever interested in changing oil, we have used both motul 5100 and 7100 on the ninja and they both work really great. FYI :D
  10. Thanks for the tip. It's close to its 12000km service so I might just wait until then and mention the problem to the guys at the dealership.
  11. Hmmmm....I don't like the sound of that....

    As your transmission is sequential http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequential_manual_transmission you may be creating more ware on the entire transmission - IE not just the selected gear - "gear 1" - this may prove to be costly.

    I work with a guy who rides a Kawasaki Vulcan and when he overfilled his oil he described a "crunch" in the transmission and the feeling that 1st wanted to "hop-out".......not too sure why - Perhaps - as oil cannot be compressed - when the transmission warms up and is under load (and elevated oil pressure) the tolerances become finer and the gear mesh is forced to disengage?

    NB*** I'm not a mechanic.....I did physics at Uni and work in IT...LOL....just playing the "logic" game....

    Good luck mate....and do post if you get to the bottom of it!
  12. Interesting, thanks for the link BitSar. I checked the oil today after a long ride and it was just a bit over half in the window (while bike was upright) - ie: in between the bottom and top markers. So it looks to be at the appropriate level. Your explanation makes sense, for some reason it's disengaging, but only during heavy load (if I give quite a lot of throttle). Could be a problem with the gears themselves. I'll post the solution if/when I find it...
  13. Well I picked up the bike on Sunday after its 12000km service. Just like to say that I would highly recommend the guys at Mornington Kawasaki for some really good service, especially John who came across as actually caring about my little Ninja (y) I told him about this problem and he said he'd have a look at the gear linkages. So far so good as it is yet to slip into neutral :)