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Ninja 250R Streetfighter - HELP

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to mod my Ninja 250R. It needs to be cheap and stay close to roadworthy & safe.

    -Fairings are being pulled off. Most of them are fairly broken. What bits do you suggest I leave on to make it look right? What bits have to be on?

    -I'd like to swap the standard handlebars for something lower. Woodcraft and Tyga I believe make some clip-ons. Any experience with these? Prices? Melbourne based outlets?

    -Fender chop. Anyone recommend a kit, details, prices?

    -Retro headlight mod (Needs to look cool.)

    -Bar end mirrors?

    -Spray it black. Yep. No more green.

    -Rear sets. I guess this goes with the clip-ons, I'm sick of the upright position and thought it'll change the overall look of the bike. Prices? Recommendations?

    -Exhaust. With the new look I need a new sound. I'm not really fussed on having some huge sporty can. Would love a small, open pipe... Anything that works without too much carby/needle work on the Ninja's?

    I stacked this bike when I first started riding, and fixed it up good as new. I had a rather decent crash last week and won't be fixing it this time. Mechanically/structurally the bike is fine, plastic is all broken as are headlights, indicators... Streetfighter is the only option.

    If I can do this for under $1000 I'd be a happy man. Bike's got new tyres, brakes, recent major service. Just got make it look good again.

    This project starts this weekend... Fairly excited about it :)
  2. Probably be cheaper just to find some Chinese fairings and kawasaki headlights.
  3. But that's no fun. :)
  4. Step 1. Rip off fairings
    Step 2. Stick on new headlight

    Steps after that are optional. Personally I'd keep the green, it'll only be the tail and tank left and it'll look good with the streetfighter look imo. Check ebay or run a google search for fender eliminator kits, failing that just chop it down / unbolt it yourself.

    As for a headlight.. I personally like the Z750/Z1000 headlight, perhaps try to find one of those if you dig that look. Bung on some new indicators. Instead of super sport position with the lower bars and rearsets, consider going the opposite way and getting some flat dirtbike style flatbars fitted - the extra leverage will be great in the twisties and more fun around town. And it'll save you the cost of replacing the rearsets.

    Keep in mind streetfightering it will KILL your resale. Personally I'd stick a fighter headlight on and do nothing else for now, and when it comes time to sell for a bigger bike, get the fairings fixed if possible, or if not replace them either oem or aftermarket, then sell it off. Otherwise you'll lose ALOT of coins.

    Dont forget if you put alot of new shiny bits on and get it looking hot again, then drop it and cause more damage - you'll be super pissed. Either way you go, get some crash knobs.
  5. Cool thanks. I'll post some before and after pics.

    I understand the resale value stuff... But decisions made. It's happening. :)
  6. There's a pic of a stripped Ninja in this month's photo comp if you want a preview of what it might end up like...

    Does sound like a long wishlist (much of it not cheap - bars, rearsets and exhaust alone would probably soak up most of a grand, let alone paint) for a 250 - are you SURE you want to keep the bike long enough to make it worth it? Not trying to discourage you from it, just worth a thought.
  7. No, I actually want to get rid of the bike. I'm fully licensed soon. But I just don't know what to do as far as resale... I might end up keeping it longer than planned now due to recent expenses...
  8. If you're selling soon, I'd suggest slapping on new fairings or repairing your current ones - you'll make the money back on increased resale. Eg. lets say you could sell it for 6 grand without the damage, in fighter form you'd get maybe 4 grand for it - and thats not taking into account the extra time it will take to sell as less learners will even consider it if its not shiny. Might cost $1000 to get the fairings fixed and painted, but if you can then sell it for 6 again, you're making the money back.
  9. What he said.

    I wouldn't sink any more money into than you have to to get to a sellable state.

    If you are holding onto it, then do whatever makes you happy to it, just be aware that a fighter is not an attractive prospect for the average learner, and no-one not on restrictions is going to want a 250.
  10. Double post - sorry!