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Ninja 250r started, then died down.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bob66, May 9, 2010.

  1. Hey there guys, recently decided to install my oggy knobs. Oggy knobs was a failure, those bolts at the engine needed powertools to remove.
    And so to sum up, i've removed the fairings, gas tank. When i decided to close the thing back up to ride, and i noticed smoke coming up form the handlebars, and the choke had really high rpm going on.
    Realised i didn't reconnect the gray hose on the front left tank. And that the choke cable wasn't replaced entirely. So with all that fixed, the bike started up fine, and ran fine. Until it just, died down. The rpm just dropped and it just stopped. And now it wouldnt start again. I hear the ticking noises when when i push the start, it just wouldn't fire. What should i do? I can't send it to the mechanic, because i can't ride there. Please advise. And was wondering if anyone lives near Annerley Brisbane if i can't get it up and running again. Thanks

  2. Smoke ????

    I am concerned you have crushed part of the wiring loom and shorted it to the frame. This could flatten the battery. The tick tick sound usually means there is not enough power to engage the starter motor and turn the engine over.

    Check none of the wiring has been damaged, check the voltage across the battery with a multimeter if you have one.
  3. I am northside brisbane, but I dont have any sapre time now for about 2-4 weeks due to business in Sydney otherwise I would give you a hand.

    Smoke from handle bars sounds bad! As CJVR said, check for crushed wiring.

    Given you have a choke I guess its a carby, so also check for pinched fuel hose between tank and carby.
  4. Pinched or unconnected fuel hose would be my guess. Since the bike started fine and died down it sounds like it started on what fuel was left in the carbies, and when that was used up it just died. Check the fuel hose and carbies.
  5. Take all the fairings off again and start over. Check your work, and make sure you haven't pinched any wires when tightening up bolts.. Not sure where the smoke comes from, but was it electrical smell or fuel or what?? As soon as you take it to the shop, will cost you a coupla hundred, and might be something simple....
  6. The smoke was from the hose that i've forgotten to replace, once replaced, ran just fine. What should i be checking from the carbs, and fuel hose? Just look for pinching? Thanks TRA for the offer. Really appreciate that. I'll be calling for a pick up service to send my bike to suzuki springwood in a couple days if i still can't get it running. The starter sounds fine though, real strong ticking. Just no engine starting after. Thanks for the help guys. I'll be checking again soon.
  7. Was it a vacuum line? Try putting your fuel tap to "prime", then try & start the bike again.
  8. Tried it in prime, didn't work. So is suzuki the cheapest? Its 60 for tow, and 100-150 for 1-1/12 hour.
  9. What do you mean by ticking? Does the starter actually turn over, or does it just go 'tick-tick-tick-tick' (like say the starter relay trying and failing).

    Going by what you have described I think the guesses by others that it either electrical or fueling at fault. I would gladly give you a hand but my bike is sort of in pieces at the moment (valve clearance check revealed some out of spec, awaiting on some new bits), and my better half controls the 4-wheel-mobile. I might be able to spare some time on the weekend but you may have sent it off to the mechanic by then.

    Regardless, in your shoes I would go back over everything I had touched before things went bad. Chances are something you did caused the problem, so the answer will be in what you did (or perhaps, didn't). Don't be afraid to use the multimeter, and if you don't have one, get one, probably the most useful diagnostic tool you will ever purchase.
  10. The starter actually turns over, not just weak ticking. I've been trying to go over what i've did to figure out what i did wrong, and hopefully i'll get to it soon. If you really could GodsPetMonkey, i would actually find it really helpful if you could come and take a look at it over the weekend or anytime you're free. Its just that towing it away and sending it to suzuki is really pricey, and for something that could just be wiring/hoses done wrong, i'd rather buy you cartons of beer. How far away from brisbane city are you? I'm in Annerley, about 10-15 minutes from the city, south.
    Ps, i could pick you up if you need to. Not with a tow truck but with a car haha.
  11. Ok, then if the smoke wasn't electrical and the starter motor is engaging and turning the motor over. Does the motor fire at all even just a little cough?

    You still come back to fuel starvation or electrical preventing ignition. If you get a few coughs and splutters it is probably fuel, if nothing then electrical is more likely.

    I believe the Ninja 250R has a vacuum operated fuel cut off valve, if you haven't reconnected that vacuum properly then the valve won't open. Time to look at a service manual I would say and work out where you have gone wrong.

  12. I live in Morningside, so transport options are a plenty - hell, all else fails there is always the train!

    But the parts for my bike arived yesterday (postage from the UK is quite good!), so I might even be up and running by the weekend. Failing that I should be able to borrow the car.

    ps. I have never heard of an Oggy Knobs install going so bad :-s
  13. Hey GodsPetMonkey, I'll be sending you a pm soon-ish.
  14. Going to say, if GodsPetMonkey cant help I will able to spend a couple of hours next weekend now. Was supposed to be in Syd, but thats only going to be the next few days now, returning Sunday.
  15. the NINJA is alive ! Thanks for the help GodsPetMonkey. Tested the vacuum and wiring and spark plugs and all, and finally got the bike working again after 2 hours or so. It was a roll on throttle and starting it at the same time, but it wouldn't keep alive, so found out that the idle adjuster got pretty loose. Thought all was fine until the header, was giving out white smoke that smelled pretty bad, it may be leaking slightly. Gonna be sending it to suzuki now for a maintenance check thingy. Thanks again GodsPetMonkey, and thank you TRA for offering to help. Thanks to the rest for giving advices too. Hopefully all goes well now, had a 1 half hour ride to test it out.