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Ninja 250r, snorkel removal and shimming needles

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Bob66, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hey there ! I've read all about snorkel removal and shimming the needles and got pretty interested. So i've got to removing the fairings and the snorkel, and realised i needed to shim. oh looking for the right tools for the right price was hard. and those washers for shimming is expensive ! or i just got ripped off. 3.70 per washer. pretty sure i was just ripped off but that was the only place that has it, and it came from kawasaki. and so i've tried removing the carbs cover, but stripped the screw instead. so now i've got to get the carbs out and replace the stripped screw. question is, is using a plier enough to get it out? or should i be using something else? and if there are any tips/tricks/warnings that i should know before shimming, let it rip eyy. thanks

  2. get what out?
  3. The stripped carby screw.
  4. Multigrips or vice grips should get a stripped screw out, failing that, cut a slot in it with a hacksaw & use a flat head screw driver.


    What are you hoping to achieve? Shimming the needles will make the bike run richer in certain parts of the rev range (midrange), do you know if the bike is actually lean in the midrange? If it's not, you're wasting your time & could possibly do more harm than good.

    Your performance gains will be negligable any way, the only reason I can think of is to remove a flatspot...?

    If you having trouble removing simple screws, maybe carby tuning is not for you!
  5. Reading it again, I get it now.

    The answer is, it depends. How is it striped? Is there anything protruding? Is it a damaged Phillips head?

    And what MV said. Why?
  6. Hey there ! Yeah it is the stripped screw.
    I got the other 7 out, and the last one was just at a tough spot.
    I had a wrong screwdriver, and it was at a wrong angle, so strip goes the screw.
    I've actually removed the snorkel and without the snorkel, it is getting slightly lean, so i'm actually getting the needles shimmed. Also, the bike has no useable power below 5k at first gear, and apparently shimming will help make it better.
    Now i'm trying to get the carbs out to work on the stripped screw.