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Ninja 250R Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Timmy32, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hi guys not sure if this is the right section but I am a new rider. Anyway I recently bought a second hand 2011 Ninja 250R. I didnt notice when I was test riding but there is this squeaking (rotational not constant) sound(comming from what I assume to be front of bike) when I am riding. It seems to be at any speed I am going, while braking/not braking. Even when the bike is off and I am pushing it( I have to get up to a bit of speed for it to start) it makes the sound. I have done some searches on Google, but only american sights come up. The main problem seems to be either the front axle being over tightened, or the speedo drive being under lubricated. I was just wondering if these problems are international (therfore I should look in to them) or if they are only in America(I am not sure if there bikes are manufactured in same place).

    Also would these problems be covered under warenty? I dont have a front end stand to allow me to take off the wheel. The bike has 2,500km on it and had its 1000km service 4 months ago.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Doesn't happen on my Ninja mate, pretty similar bike (Nov 10) and mileage (3k when I bought it).

    If it happens at walking speed, should be easy to isolate where exactly the noise is, just have someone walk it for you while you listen in.

    Depending what it is, it may be covered under warranty, assuming you got all the paperwork from the guy you bought it off, and have easy access to the location. Call them up, tell them what's going on, and if they're happy to look at it, otherwise find a good local and get them to give it the once over.

    Alternately, if you want to tell people your location, there may be a guru in your area, from these forums that wouldn't mind checking it out (I'm always pleasantly surprised at the offers for help I receive).

    Either way - sort it out, so you can get on with enjoying your riding without stressing.

    And welcome to the forums.
  3. It might be the front bearings on the wheel, check to see for any oil or and lube that is surrounding the front wheel and forks, had this happen on my dirt bike once and I just replaced the bearings, it might not be the same for you though.
  4. Hey mate,

    Is it almost a whining sound rather than a screeching sound that you are hearing?
  5. Hmm I would have to stay with squeak. It sounds like it squeaks with every turn of the front wheel. The sound stops when I am going less than 5km/h
  6. Just take it to a shop.
    It'll likely be wheel bearing, or the tyre 'seat' on the rim, squeaking as it get to the bottom where it moves slightly on the rim. The tyre just needs reseating.
    (I had a tyre that was dodgy once. Watching the bike from the front, the tread seemed to oscillate left to right, like the tread cut was misaligned. Got a new tyre under warranty.
    Or it'll be something really stupid that defies all logic and reasoning. :)
  7. I had a similar sound on my bike once. It turned out to be brake pad/disc related. The disc was under spec, although I doubt that's the case with your new bike (lucky you!). I ended up changing/bleeding the brake fluid from the brakes, and replaced pads. You may want to check your pads if they're still good. Highly unlikely to wear at 3k, but if you ride like valentino rossi, then anything's possible. Either that or the pads are from a sweatshop in China.

    If it isn't pads well then its time to lift up the front end. You don't need a motorcycle stand. Just improvise. Personally, I jack up the front with two regular car tyre jacks; one underneath each fork. Screw them in, and push the jack up, alternating between the two. At this point you can remove the front caliper as to eliminate the possibility of a brake issue causing the squeak. Spin the wheel. If the squeak prevails it obviously wasn't a brake issue outlined in the previous paragraph.

    Once you have the wheel in the air you can start dissembling various components to isolate the issue. You mentioned a potentially squeaky speed sensor. Test this. Remove it, spin the wheel, check for squeaks. A squeak present at this point indicates a problem with the bearings alone. You may be able to apply some grease, saving you time and effort, or just reassemble the axle with the appropriate torque. This will ensure the front axle is not 'too tight', as you suspect.

    Jacking the front wheel up will help you associate to the squeak to raven's suggestion or eliminate it as a possibility. Moral of story. You're not getting without jacking that front wheel up. I feel like a whopper now...

    P.S wrong forum buddy...chuck your mechanical questions in the technical and troubleshooting torque section. Oh and introduce yourself in the forum! I'd love to know what you ride. Welcome to Net rider.
  8. If the bike is under warranty then your first action is to take it to be inspected. Anything you do to the bike, however well intentioned, might cause other issues that they can reasonably object to fixing. A wheel bearing would not be expected to fail in this time, so my money's on the brake dragging on the disc. But let the shop see it as it is now. This site is full of stories of people who have had a fault, tried to fix it themselves or taken it to another shop, only to find the original seller gets snakey about the terms of the warranty.
  9. Umm..it's still present whether he uses the brake or not, so I suspect it won't be brake related. Not saying it's not, but I would normally expect the noise to change in some way or stop when they are applied.
  10. Got this off yahoo answers which might help, it's not like what i experienced.

    "It's a 2008 or newer 250, isn't it? Yup, that's a rampant complaint and stems from one or both of the following (mine had both):

    Axle was over-torqued from the factory
    Lack of lube in the speedo drive (and in general).

    Most people are able to cure the squeak by removing the front wheel, applying generous grease and re-installing with Correct torques. The few who couldn't seem to git it worked out decided that earplugs were the path of least resistance (and they are part of "full gear" if you want to have any hearing left after a few years of riding anyway)."
  11. Yeah quite true, if the noise doesn't change, although I'm not sure where the OP said that, then its definitely not brakes.
  12. Ah, I missed the point about whether braking or not. Still, take it to the shop and have them sort it under warranty. That way the fault is on record if anything arises from it later on. If its out of warranty, do it yourself or get a competent mate to.
  13. Sorry guys, this is off-topic.

    I crashed my 2009 Ninja 250 a couple of weeks ago and it has been written off. I had the personalised plates NJ250.

    I'm in VIC and they were purchased for $300.

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in them? I also have some other spare parts for a Ninja 250 that i no longer need, passenger seat, frame sliders (new) and couple of other little things. Would be willing to get rid of the lot for cheap.

  14. Just to rap up on my question. I took the bike to the dealership where it was originally bought from. They said it was a common problem with the Speedo Drive drying out(running out of lube) so they took it out the back and re-lubed it. It took about 15 minutes and was covered under warranty.
  15. :rofl: