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Ninja 250R - Progressive modification thread - LOTS OF PICS

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by NoFearNick, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Ninja 250R - One of a kind

    Howdy everyone,
    I figured this would be the best spot to start and introduce myself. My name is Nick and here is my 2009 Kwaka Ninja 250R.

    I'm also selling this little baby even though I've spent almost 100 hours working on it and $1000 in modifications, since I've realised how dangerous the sport really is. I'll put up a post in the for sale section once I get privileges.

    So originally I was going to do a progressive modification thread but unfortunately I'm only allowed 5 photos. So I'll just stick up a mods list and some photos then.

    - Carbon fibre tank protector
    - Green LED valve caps
    - Audi style green LED headlight trim (my favourite mod)
    - Green LED undertail neon
    - Repco H7 Ice Blue halogen globe
    - Black tinted windscreen
    - 10 piece vinyl graphics kit
    - Rear swingarm slider
    - Shogun no-cut frame slider
    - Integrated indicator mirrors
    - Integrated indicator/brakelight tail light
    - Pazzo style adjustable shorty levers
    - Competition Werkes fender eliminator
    - Hotbodies MGP Growler exhaust

    More pics to come, I'm waiting for a good day for a photoshoot :]

  2. Looks good. I like the rim tape and pipe. Someone in my street has a Ninja 250R with an aftermarket pipe, it's loud and sounds awesome.
  3. Looking good mate they sound mean with a pipe
    The old road pic it looks like some dudes taking a piss lol
  4. Nice bike, although I couldn't justify investing that much money into my first bike, for numerous reasons.

    Enjoy :)
  5. It all depends on what sort of a bike you have for your first bike and how long you intend to hold on to it for. I thought of upgrading after my restrictions but the bike makes me grin every time I ride it. Even when I do upgrade I'll probably hold on to it and get a 2nd bike.

    A colleague has the same ninja in same colour as above and has started modding it in a similar fashion. I'll post up pics when I get a chance. He also intends to hold on to it for a while till he betters himself as a rider.
  6. welcome and what was the guy doing in that photo?
  7. Colleagues 2010 ninja 250r fresh with some mods
    Two brothers racing exhaust bought from solo moto parts in the us for US450 delivered, sounds lively and loud on idle and while on throttle but nothing on the overrun
    Intergrated braka/tail/indicator combo bought from Australian ebay seller
    R&G tail tidy bought from Australian ebay seller
  8. Bah, since I was only allowed 5 photos I'll post the most recent ones.
  9. i like what youve done with it mate..the stickers make it your own good job!

    i put the same indicator mirrors on mine aswell..did you DIY?
  10. Nick I thought this was a thread where you wanted modified 250 pics posted in but it would seem you've personalised it. If you want I can delete above pics. The photo limit is 5 per post not thread.
  11. Yeah, it was a pain in the arse - I needed to sand out the original holes, then the bolt wasn't long enough, then I had to redo all the wiring only to find out they didn't flash and finally install the resistors to make them work!

    Don't worry about it, you're colleagues bike looks really nice btw.
  12. Thanks, yours is looking better with each update you do. With an aftermarket pipe the bike sounds just right. Like the integrated integrated mirror and headlight led trim. You've given me some ideas for my bike now. Do you keep the headlight LEDs on all the time while riding?
  13. i half did it myself as well, I used the same bracket from the bike and then pushed in the mirror by filing it down...its working for the moment but slowly its getting looser and starting to move on its own...dont know what im going to do to make it stop moving now :s

    then had the electricals done by someone else because i couldnt be bothered anymore..haha
  14. How do you find the MGP Growler slip on?

    I just bought a 250r that came with slip on and its so loud. I live on a quiet street so i'll probably have to change it soon before the neighbours start raging.
  15. just wait until it starts exploding when you try to start it. my ninja (with an ebay spec slip-on) and a few others i've heard about sometimes backfire massively on startup.

    now when i say backfire, imagine a gunshot from a .50cal rifle right next to your ear... Made me jump three feet in the air the first time. I still jump about a foot and half every time it does it.

    I live in a house with pensioners on either side. They have never complained. But i also try to keep the revving/hooning to a minimum :D . You haven't had to tolerate the stock sound of a ninja, if you must make it quieter, get a baffle. Just don't replace the stock exhaust.