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Ninja 250r - Possible leak or normal?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 7Kawasaki, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New to the bike world. So long story short, I dont have my L's yet and my bike was low on fuel so I decided today while fueling up my friends car I would take a jerry can along with me.

    I was fueling the Ninja and then after I finished, I noticed a very very small puddle of liquid right under my bike. I honestly don't know if by coincidence that I happened to move my bike to that spot or if my bike is actually leaking. The only place I can think where the leak might be from is this pipe I have no idea what it is. (See photo attached).

    Not sure if its a waste gate or anything? I got real paranoid and I started the bike, no issues and I moved it but could not see anything leaking...

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. Potentially that's the fuel overflow and if you filled it (over filled) then it's normal to have some on the ground. Simply way to be sure it's fuel is dip your finger and sniff!
  3. So in fact you may not even have a leak but may have parked over a puddle of some sort.

    First thing is to identify if you are leaking and then if so what you are leaking, e.g. fuel, coolant., oil, beer etc

    Most bikes do have a few overflow hoses from which you may get some leakage at times. For example if you overfill your fuel tank chances are it will overflow via a hose to under the bike rather than simply running down the side of your tank.

    Check your fluid levels and keeap an eye out to see if you get more puddles.
  4. overflow pipe also for letting rain drain away from the filler cap, I would guess

    you could squirt water through that drain (with syringe or similar... or yourself and a straw :) ) and see if it comes out the same pipe

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  5. Omg this is why I love this forum. Some fuel must of accidentally leaked into the drain pipe.

    But I did realise my fuel gauge is abit funny...was 10-15% before. Then after I topped it up $4.5 worth. It was varying from 25%-40% according to the fuel gauge.
  6. It's a possible leak, but for a ninja it's also normal.

    Alternatively, you overboosted, the wastegate opened and dumped fuel into the egine bypass valve (to get the boost back down), which comes out to that hose above the puddle that you photographed.

    But it's probably just a leak. Like I said, nothing kawasaki owners don't know about. Check out my oil leak: