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Ninja 250R new for 6000$

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by onlyann, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    A couple of days ago, Kawazaki announced a cashback on some of their models and amongst others, the Ninja 250R is now priced at 6000$.

    I am looking to buy my first bike and I am really tempted.

    Let's say I buy it new and keep it 1 year, how much do you reckon will be the value of the bike when i resell it ?

    Is something like 5000$ realistic ?
  2. If you have a look at an 08 Ninja you will see that at the moment private sellers have not caught on to the price rollback as it was only anounced about a week or so ago. They will cost you about $200 - $400 more to buy a NEW bike with a warranty. If you have a look for a 91 model Honda CBR 250 RR you will notice that they are also priced around the 5 k mark however you are looking a 20 year old bike. So yes $5000 would be a reasonable estimate for resale, you might get closer to 6k depending on condition etc. Doesn't make any sense to buy a used ninja at the moment.
  3. Resale value will depend on how many kms you put on it, and whether you drop it or not.

    But with even older model GPXs in good condition still fetching 3k or so you shouldn't lose too much. Certainly a lot safer than opting for an as yet unproven bike such as the new CBR250R (especially given the number of people who got burned buying the CBR125 when it first came out).
  4. Its a good price... I got one a year old last year for that price.

    Its still a great bike too. You'll be able to resell it in a year for anywhere between $5 & $6k.

    You would think that after the cashback ends, the price of the ninjas would stay high because people won't want to pay "more" for a new one and will look for a used one again. Provided the market doesn't become flooded with them. In that scenario, you would just have to hold onto it until it sells...
  5. I really can't see that happening. The market was flooded 10 years ago with CBR 250's. With the increase in the number of riders over the years the stock to consumer ratio is still somewhere around balanced. Ofcourse if you are trying to sell a crappy bike you will have trouble regardless of demand or market conditions.
  6. The awesomeness of a mini ninja is very limited. 8 out of 10 ninja bought on this cash back will be sold again within 2 years of them being purchased (or however long your restrictions last).

    With that in mind, if Kawasaki manage to sell a whole bunch more of them, the market will become flooded. Provided people buy them. Its up to the people, and how many they buy.
  7. but that is true for most 250cc sports bikes, people buy them because they have to start there (pre lams) and then move them on when they are ready to buy a real bike. This is part of the reason they have/had such good re sale.
  8. And yet in its country of origin it's a bike most people dream of one day upgrading to.

    The mini-ninja is only meant to be something that's cheap to run, yet more interesting than a scooter. It does this very well.

  9. $6000 RRP (recommended retail price) does not equal the "ride away price".

    Govt statutory charges & dealer delivery has not been added.

    The roll back is misleading to the newbie, if you do not know the difference between RRP & RAP.

    If its helpful to you, a blue coloured ninja is the cheapest followed by black and the SE when buying new.
  10. Thanks for the answers guys.

    Blackster ->
    you're right to point that out.
    I am indeed aware of this and it would cost me 6300 ride away (and it comprises stemp duty+6 months rego).
    The 2011 models are only green or black afaik.
  11. Might explain why they're selling them out cheap.
    Thailand's dropped the black and switched to white.
  12. Either way you are sh1tty if you have an 11 month old ninja 250
  13. Seriously a new bike with updated technology, better design and warranty for $6,300 vs a 20 year old bike with none of the above for $5,000. I know what I would be going for.
  14. Actually it's more a choice between a cut-down supersports vs a tarted-up Honda Cub, a 60 year old design.

    Cub -> Sonic -> CBR150R -> CBR250R.
  15. wow, just googled CUB - my money definitly lands on the new NINJA
  16. if only they made it fuel injected....
  17. I was in your shoes a couple months back onlyann, although my decision was easier given ninjas were going brand new for 7.3K or something. I went for a used 09 model with a few scratches for 5k, and I am so glad I did as it made my first drop a little more bearable!

    Like me, and most other newbies, you will probably drop your first bike soon. Dropping a brand spanking new bike, especially your first one, could probably cause mild depression. So I'd advise on getting a used.

    Having said all that, a brand new Ninja for 6.3K is drool-worthy. Shame they haven't got blue though...:(
  18. I ended up buying the new model. I couldn't resist :)
    I also decided to pay an extra to put oggy knobs on it. It should limit the damage to the fairing the day I drop it.
  19. No, the 250 is a new motor, as is the rest of the bike. I don't know what you've got against the new CBR, but this sort of reasoning doesn't cut it.

    The VTR250, on the other hand, has a tarted up version of the engine that first appeared in the VT250 in 1983. Doesn't seem to have been too much of a problem.
  20. No, it's just an enlarged version of the single-cylinder 150 they were already making. There's hardly anything revolutionary about a single-cylinder 250, no matter what Honda's marketing hype might say.

    And yes, the VTR does date back to '83 - about the same as the Ninja engine. Not sure where you're going with that argument though :-s, but if you're saying both are better options than the new CBR250 then I agree with you.