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Ninja 250r fairing painted?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by danmason, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. I have a 2009 ninja 250r which has some fairly minor but quite noticeable scratches on the fairings. My plan is to use some wet and dry and sand it down, then buff it out.

    Problem is that i'm not sure if these things actually have paint on them. Anyone know if they're painted gloss black or if they're natively coloured in that black from the plastic?
  2. to my knowledge you'd have to more or less strip the entire fairing back and get it painted again ...sux2bu if so

    guess you'll have to weigh up if you really care about it's look's or am simply content being able to ride the bloody thing.

    don't take my word as gospel...as i said the above is only to my knowledge - other's can confirm or deny
  3. Almost certain to be painted - it's a cheaper option than trying to polish cast plastic to a shine (and I'm not aware of any road bike that has ever come out of the factory with raw fairings).

    Trying to sand the scratches out runs the risk of ruining the finish completely (ie sanding through the paint completely). If they're only minor scratches I'd just get some of that colour matching car polish and learn to live with it, especially if you're only planning on keeping the bike until unrestricted. A few minor scratches won't hurt resale anywhere near as much as a bodged attempt at fixing them might.
  4. Thanks. I might just clean it out, apply some touch up paint and give it a light cut/buff. Shouldn't be too harsh on the existing paint and i won't botch it up...

    Nice that i didn't go ahead and start attacking it with 400 grit :]
  5. as a spray painter i loled hard.

    use some of that clearcoat in a pen shit on anything thats white, let dry
    cut and buff maybe sand a little p2000-p1500 and then cut and buff

    u cant cut and buff p400, cutting compound only removes 1200 grit + and even then i would say 1500+, with 400 you will go through the paint