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Ninja 250R (EX250-J) vs CBR250RR (MC22)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rallye, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. So after much decisions I decided to save up and get a "better" bike than what I had previously wanted.

    I wanted a MC22 all the time but ive considered spending that extra grand or so and getting a current model Ninja 250R. Just wanted to know your thoughts, Pros and cons, etc

    Cheers guys :)
  2. MC22 pros:
    *they're bloody common, so parts are easy to get
    *BIG aftermarket
    *will chew a new ninja
    *they are the ultimate LAMS sportbike
    *very straight forward mechanically

    *forks not adjustable, rear shock preload only
    *they're the ultimate tool bike - often bought by posers who can't ride
    *hard to find one that has been looked after properly or with a sale price reflecting the work needed
    *too many fools buy from sumoto etc for FAR too much and try to recoup it when they sell (underline, bold and italicized for added effect)
    *you need friggin TINY hands to do some of the work to them easily (work is possible though harder if you have real hands)

    yeah i own one of them. i'm not entirely biased, but they cop more than their fair share of shit from fuckwits who think they know what they're flapping on about

    i've not been up close n personal with a new ninja to comment either way, but there's a few owners on here who may chime in
  3. Sorry buddy... VFR/RVF400 is...

    But i digress.

    To the op, buddy old pal, just wait until the haters come in and start hatin' on both of them bikes there...

    New ninjas are crap (apparently).
    CBR250RRS are ridden by HOONS (to whom i am partial).

    My opinion?

    Look at the bike, imagine yourself on it and which ever one makes you go "**** yeah" is the one for you.

    If both do it, you have to try and imagine how many supermodels would jump you when you stop at the next set of lights.

    Your first bike will not be fast. So the least it can be is sexy.
  4. CBR250RR's are teh uber sexiness IMO, just my opinion.
  5. I wouldnt say the rvf is the ultimate learner bike yeah sure they got good top speed but there prety heavy.
    They do handle good though.
  6. 2 different bikes there dude. one's LAMS the other isn't.
    i discounted the RVF because of the shtoopidly high asking price they all have. even a shit example still takes $6-7k because so many n00bs wanna have a wankfest saying they own the fastest LAMS bike

    but the RVF wasn't the topic of discussion here so i'll go back to my coffee and shaddap
  7. Show you my rego label? :D
  8. Two completely different bikes.

    Ninja 250r is essentially a commuter bike with a bit of sports flair.
    CBR250RR is a Race bike calmed down a little for the street.

    Biggest issue with CBR's is they're all old these days. Rarely looked after and you can guarantee they've been thrashed because every hoon out there wants one (for good reason).

    If you can find a good one, undoubtedly it'll come with a pricetag but will eat Ninjas alive out on the twisties.

    There's no point comparing both bikes because they're not really in the same market even if they're similar priced.

    I never had any issues with my Ninja 250r for the 12 months I owned it. Nor did I have any issues keeping up with riders on bigger bikes in the twisty sections. That being said, it's not in the same playing field as the CBR250RR's in terms on outright performance or handling, but they are much newer, cheaper and easy to find in good condition.
  9. The CBR250RR can be a very fast 250..... If it's being ridden by a skilled rider. At high revs they scream to life but you have to tap dance through the gears a bit to keep them there. Let them fall below 9k rpm and they transform into slugs. This is true of all the inline 4 250's.

    The Ninja 250 is a muh more user friendly bike that will allow you to find some power at lower revs. It's also a lot easier to ride around town because there is plently of go to get of the line at the lights and the low end torque lets you criuse around in 2nd-3rd pretty well anywhere around town. The Ninja will corner equally as well as the CBR so there's no real difference there.

    If you want the best of both worlds (top speed & low end power) you might be better to look at the bigger capacity LAMS bikes like the ER-5 or GS500. Both of these will leave the CBR250 and Ninja250 in their dust. :)

    The ninja 250 cannot be ridden even nearly as hard or as fast as a 250RR, it is not even on the same planet as a 250RR.

    What you should really say is that most CBR250RR owners cannot ride them anywhere near the theoretical limits of the bike. (at least in the early phases of their riding career) And that this is why people on Ninjas can keep up.

    The Ninja is the motorcycling equivalent of a toyota camry
  11. Very different biikes, if you're looking at alternatives to a CBR250RR maybe try a ZXR250, or an FZR250 or a GSXR250. They're all pretty similar, though the kawa does have USD forks and adjustable suspension. Not sure about the others.
  12. Do check out the hornet 250, essentially the same as a CBR250RR, but the engine is tuned to give more power lower down to make it a bit better around town. They still handle amazingly well though.

    However i do understand if you want the racer fairings look.

    the ZXR250 has crazy tubes that go into its fuel tank :-O
  13. That it does. They are a ram jet air intake, send cold fast air to nowhere!
  14. hahahaha... damm rite mate... at least U have ya fact cleared unlike many people in ere copying eachother ..

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  15. im a pretty new rider too so my opinions maybe less than worthless here but im just curious as to why theres such a big deal about the CBR250s being faster than a ninja or whatever. At the end of the day the cbr is a 250, it can only go so fast. Its like saying its the fastest 5 year old in a race...so what? If anyone here can enlighten me as to why the whole speed and rev thing is so important im more than happy to learn. Sorry to the OP for not being able to answer ur Q though.
  16. the ninja is 10x sexier, newer and will get you laid in a heartbeat lol no bias
  17. The ironic thing is that they are only 45hp vs 40hp from new. Considering that bikes lose power as they get older I would say that the newer bike may have more horsepower in reality. If not it is probably easier for a learner to ride quicker because of better power characteristics.

    But 18 year old boys want to have the image of the fastest bike and the rumour is that is the CBR250RR.

    A motard would probably be faster than both in the real world.
  18. Wikipedia quotes ninja as having 32hp at the crank and 26 atw.

    As albieQ, they might both be 250's but the difference between an air cooled parallel twin and a water cooled 4 cyl is immense.

  19. You might be right about the power, I got different stats from Bikez though. I thought it was closer than that. I had a ZZR (ninja predecessor) and my brother had a CBR250R when I was on my Ps and it was pretty close.

    The ZZR was watercooled, I would be suprised if the ninja isn't?

    Edit google shows you can buy radiators for it http://motors.shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=ninja+250+radiator
  20. The MC22 is old. They've been owned by learners who've mostly thrashed them, dropped them and failed to service them. The grey imports are even worse - probably had the odometers wound back.

    Did I mention they've been thrashed? Don't bother - go with something newer and reliable for the extra $s.

    BTW I owned a second hand Aussie imported '1999 sold' model with 30 000 k's on the clock and I had constant issues with it - from the electrics to the brakes, bodywork, you name it and it went wrong.

    Sold it, bit the bullet and bought a CB400. An absolutely gold bike - comfortable, smooth, starts first time and a surprising bit of go.