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Ninja 250r, and a new member !

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Bob66, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hello there guys ! I've been lurking around forums for almost two years now. It all started when i had my first ride on a mates R6, boyy that was interesting. Just something about it got me interested in it. What really got me, was when my mate got me on the bike and took me around. Got hooked since then. Spent those years convincing my dad that motorcycling is indeed safe, and you can all see how that took years. Haha, so i've finally convinced him, sort of, and got my probationary license in Feb!

    And so, what i wanted at the very first, was a Trumpy, a Daytona 675. Oh that is one fine sexy looking chick. Had a sit on it at the dealers last year and when i heard that exhaust, i was so sure that it was going to be my first bike. Was gonna ignore all the advices against a 675 as a first bike, and finally came to my senses when i test rode a Ninja 250r ! It just felt, intimidating with the lack of experience even on the ninja, imagine how that would feel on a 675.

    Had a first drop a day after i got the ninja, bent gear shift lever. Rode home from the gold coast in 3rd gear up. Lol, the amount of stalling was just enough to work up a sweat and a whole of embarassment. Thanks for the help guys, helping me out figuring out the problem a couple days ago. This is the post i promised ! (oh the ninja escaped, without scratches :D)

    And so i present to you, the fastest of all ninjas, the red ninja !
    Gears - Shoei x1000, Shift boots & gloves, RST Rift jacket, and a pair of dragging jeans that could get pretty warm.


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  2. good 1 mate, but why is it the fastest? cause its red? :)
  3. oh yeah. definitely because its red. People say black is faster, but that's because they've not been on a red. :p

    And btw, i've those really tiny scratches going around my helmet. For a helmet that price, you'd expect it to be scratch resistant to a point. Any suggestions on keeping the scratches minimum, or getting rid of them?
  4. wouldnt worry about the helmet champ, worry about it saving your head only, people wont see the scratches with you going 400kph on your fast red bike :D
  5. haha ! now i'd have to agree with you because you mentioned red and fast.
  6. Nice bike and good gear too. Use a product called plexus to keep your helmet nice & shiny at all times.

    Most bike shops stock it and will cost $15 a can.