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Ninja 250r Aftermarket Seat Cowl

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by PEEair, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. So I've been looking to purchase a seat cowl for my Ninja 250r from Ebay. Does anyone have any experience for them in term of fitment?

  2. I do. The shape is fine, the locators are in the right spot, but it just rattled around. After contacting the seller in China, he asked me to take dimensions of the rubber stoppers required to make the cowl sit correctly.
    He did promise a set of stoppers once they went into production and to my surprise a couple months later they arrived in the post! You will also need to supply a grommet for the rear mounting point as it doesn't come with the cowl. I also repainted mine as the green wasn't a very good match, the supplier said he'd address this issue also.

    So I guess, they are cheap, if you're mechanically minded and not too fussy about the colour it's fine, considering they are about a third of the OE ones.

    But I'd say the issues have been resolved now anyway.
  3. Also slightly less streamlined than the seat so make sure it is locked in properly if you move around on the bike at speed.
  4. cazzo how much did it cost you to repaint the cowl? I have an all white Ninja 250r so I'm going to need to paint it too.
  5. Might as well get a genuine one,they are only $107 but since we never got white not sure if they can get you one, worth a ask tho.

    Just noticed you got a white one, you can try the states, $60 bucks over there and i think they received the white one
  6. exactly. I dont know why you would bother with all that trouble for something barely over a hundred dollars
  7. Because I couldn't find any OEM cowl that come in white, and buying OEM + repainting would be too much $$ for me at the moment.. muli I don't think Kawasaki have them in white in the States either. Couldn't find it on their site.
  8. The aftermarket cowl was about $45 delivered, the issues obviously weren't expected. The quotes for an OE cowl were around $110 plus shipping of about $40 from the US, so about the $150 mark all up.

    Most people probably would not have worried about the colour, but I run a panel shop so the fix was easy. Plus I adressed the issues with the seller, who was really good about it and is now supplying the correct grommets.
  9. Has anyone had experience getting a grommet from elsewhere?