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ninja 250r 2008 throttle problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mr.parkes, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. i'm riding a 250r with 17,000k on the clock and recently when ever i've turned the throttle more than half a cm at a time it's like i've pulled the clutch in and the revs shoot up with no power delivered to the wheels

    has undertaken regular servicing with next service due at 18,000

    just wondering whats most likely to be at fault

  2. chain loose?
    CDI pluged in the wrong way for each cylinder?

    say you turn it 1cm and hold it there, does it lag then full kick in to power to wheels at certain rpms?

    sure it wont hurt if you brought it in for the 18k kms service a lil early, and get em to fix it while they are at it.
  3. if i hold throttle at 1cmish the revs will jump then sometimes it'll kick in but generally i'll have to lower the revs till it kicks in then slowly increase throttle again, (not dependent on rpm cos i can still get power out at 8-10kRPM just i have to ease it up)

    only started happening last night or this morn so yeah gotta find some time to get to mech to get them to fix. just thought i'd ask around here to see
    a) if it's something that can be fixed rather easily, and or
    b) how expensive repairs might be
  4. Sounds a little like the clutch isn't engaging or slipping massively, which is a little strange for a new bike.

    Whats your clutch play like?
  5. warranty work?
  6. warranty?
  7. yeah i'm hoping warrenty will sort it all out

    going to dealers on thurs but can't come soon enough esp as i've got to goto work every day till then (yay public transport :evil: )

    but now seems to be acting slightly different
    same sort of thing as in will shoot up to high revs with little throttle turn
    but i have no power at all really

    i mean when i get up to speed it can hold it (less there be an incline) but to get there i'll have to rev the tits off the engine to get anything out of it

    round 7-8k rpm seems to have a sweet spot sometimes and bit lower after a burst of that

    had a copper van behind me at the lights tonight and he over took me going through the lights so glad he didn't pull me over.

    anyways getting real hard to ride it atm so there goes the helmet and jacket for a while :(

    i think from memory last filled up on wednes night probs started thurs night
    when all the lovely rain crap has been happening in melb
  8. Clutch is either rooted (possibly wrong number/thickness of plates?), or poorly adjusted. Either way it's a dealer warranty fix.
  9. If the dealer set up the clutch cable free play poorly then that would explain it. The problem is you've probably used a significant portion of your clutch life in trying to ride it like this.
  10. clutch rooted new clutch installed

    dealer called kawa up and no dice on warrenty

    gonna call and complain but wasn't as $$ as i thought it could be which is always good

    good to be back on road with working bike
  11. How was this not warranty?
  12. my thoughts exactly

    guy from kawa that dealer spoke too said wouldn't cover the clutch with over 17,000km on it despite regular servicing/etc which sounds like a bit of crap to me
  13. ..ahem...cough...Consumer Affairs...splutter...cough...

    (nail the b*st*rds!!!)
  14. Warranty usually excludes wear items like tyres and clutch.