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Ninja 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I was looking at these bikes second hand around the 5 to 6 grand mark... I was going to buy one from a dealer starting from 5300 to 6 grand so i'm going for the 2012 model at least it's new... Those models were 209 models with 14,000 plus km on them...

  2. I got my 2011 with 500km on it last year for 5.5k, looking back probably would have gotten a $4,500ish 08-10 model and still have been very happy! Solid bike either way!
  3. So... what is the question?
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  4. Well im just surprised how for a few 100 more u can buy brand new... There was no real question there... I was told the other day that i should buy second hand coz if i drop it it will cost be big bucks to fix it.. So i looked at this bike and thought well buying a new one would be better for me...
  5. Yeah the LAM bikes hold their value pretty well. Just look at the CBR250RR, they still go for $4-5k. I'm not sure if they still do this, but about the time when Honda was launching the new CBR250R, you could get a brand new Ninja 250R for $6k drive away here in Melbourne.
  6. Yeah i had my heart set on a SV650 for 10,400 but would only need it for 15 months but alot of money for my first bike even a second hand one is still around the 8 mark but still to high for a first bike i think...
  7. Yeah stick with one of the more popular 250 and then when it time to sell you'll only lose $0-1000 depending on the bike.
  8. Since the Ninja 250 came out the price of the GPZ250 fell. So you can pick them up for a bargain and they're a great and forgiving bike, plus a little bit more powerful than their younger Ninja sister.
  9. By GPZ I meant GPX.
  10. Keep in mind the CBR250RR was 10 grand back in the day, and that's in 90s $$. They're also the biggest, baddest 250 you can ride on restrictions (two strokes excluded.
  11. Picked my 09 Ninja up for 4K with 12,000kms on the clock. Bargain!
  12. Bought my VTR learner for 5K - rode it for LAMS - sold it for 5K.........

    True story