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Ninja 250 wraps

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Shambles90, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. So i work with a sign writing company and the other day i got bored and thought id play around with the look of my bike and ended up with these 2, now i probably aren't gonna do this but decided that i want something to make it stand out. So soon ill put up some more designs and hopefully some fellow netriders will help me choose the best before i wrap it. Now just so you all know yeah i am only 19 so some of my designs aren't gonna sit well with a lot of people but that's what opinions are for, so if you have any pictures or something that you think would look good send them to me and ill put them on the bike and upload them. :)

    This is just a photo of a blue ninja 250 of the internet same as mine but yes i did apply the images onto it myself

  2. the first is better but the 2nd would probably look better if you ditched the gay-ass purple and blended into black or something.

    honesly. its a lot of effort for a 250 but if its cheap cause your in the buiz then go for it.
  3. Cheap is a overstatement of what it will be for me lol so yeah when it comes down to it its more if i can be bothered/find something i like so far those 2 images havn't been my choosing but just some images a friend liked
  4. what slickncghia said, the purple / red on the back looks out of place as it isn't "connected" to the fairing panels so to speak...

    but if that's cheap go ahead...
  5. Man it shits me when people say "why bother doin "whatever" to a 250".

    If you've got to spend 15 months on a lams bike of which most are pretty dull as stock then why not get what you can out of it.

    Why bother modding a bigger bike?
  6. I realise that compared to a car/van/truck there's not a lot of real estate on a motorcycle but from the little I understand about the wrapping technology you're only real limited by your taste and imagination. I'd be happy to have this confirmed or to be corrected on that point. Additionally I'd love to know what the "damage" is to the paint work when the wrap is removed. Is it something that you could potentially change on a regular basis, cost not being a consideration?
  7. that second one not so good. You've got the front end bright and you move down towards the seat and it gets progressively darker and then you have the tail section a bright purple.

    Keep fading it darker and it would look a whole heap better.
  8. following the addition of 2year green P's, here in NSW you're stuck with your learner steed for 39months now.

    I wouldn't worry about damaging the paint, you can expect your paintwork to be finished off properly in production. I work in bike/vehicle graphics too, and the only thing we're hesitant to touch is the bodywork around the petrol tank, because the graphics tend to peel off. when we do, we spray a clear primer on first. rim-tape generally isn't worth the pain-in-the-ass for us either, but looks good when done properly. I've seen similiar patterns available off the shelf from some suppliers. if you're designing it yourself, I presume you'll be printing it yourself too. some vinyl/sav is made for use on flat surfaces, the better classes are made for forming to curves (which you'll def need), so choose carefully. clean it properly with iso-propyl alc and hit it with a heat-gun, you should be fine.

    and post pics OR ELSE
  9. who cares how long you spend on your restrictions, i've had 1800cc bikes and 250's are still way more fun, you can ride it 110% try that on a powerful bike and see how long you can do that before you nervously check the mail box sometimes more than once daily waiting for the tickets to roll in, or for the cops to come around etc...

    do some more designs, you could be on to something here
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  11. In regards to what you said jester generally you wont have any damaged to the paint underneath the wrap unless their is prior damage to it if there is a chip in the paint or something similar when u go to peel back the wrap there is a chance that it will lift up more paint at this weak point. So yeah i could change it on a regular basis, at the moment i'm not leaning to either of those 2 but when i get a chance ill try those suggestions, at the moment the other ones iv done that are on the computer which ill put up later are just of girls on the fairings rather then a full wrap, one of angelina and one of megan fox. Also yeah you really are only limited by your imagination and taste, back in florida recently helped my uncle put a photo of his daughter on his bike that took up the whole bike
  12. A sudden flash of inspiration has struck me.
    As everyone will be aware Australia Post uses red CT110s for the purpose of mail delivery, nothing earth shattering there, but what they wouldn't know is that in pursuit of improving visibility AP are endeavoring to change the vehicles colour. There's one small sticking point in this, Honda wont come to the party thus AP have resorted to applying fluro yellow stickers to the larger portions of the bike.
    My idea/question/suggestion - these vehicle wraps. Australia Post aren't big on spending money if they can avoid it but they do like easy options and if these vehicle wraps could be used to alter the postie bike fleet economically and efficiently I'm sure they'd give it a go.
    Shambles90, you might want to get your boss to give AusPost a call as you just never know ;)
  13. hahaha unfortunately the company i work for doesn't appreciate doing vehicle wraps mainly because the effort and time it takes isnt worth the pay out compared to some of the other major jobs they do, and since they scored mcdonalds and safeway/woolworths they dont need to "waste" time as they told me when a similar opportunity arose regarding vehicle wraps. On the other hand for a 19 year starting uni a few vehicle wraps on the side aint bad way to make some money so just getting into doing a few right now for people i know

    btw these are the pictures of the girls a lil bit of a rushed job but you get the idea and yes ive always had a soft spot for angie
  14. My vote would be something like the first one you made up.

    Yeah similar things have been done before.. but seeing one randomly on the street is extremely rare and its sure to turn heads.
    Tis also one of those designs that just about everyone has to appreciate.

    Also I'd be interested to know what this would cost from a customer's perspective, and what the actual process is in 'wrapping'.
    From what I gathered here its like a decal/vinyl yes? Imma go google that.

  15. yeah similar process and to be honest what would be charged to a customer is something i would have to double check since we've only done one bike and that was about 2 3 years ago and it was for a friend, besides that we do some cars from time to time, but i will find out and in regards to process because of the shape and contours of a bike it involves using a heat gun to stretch the material so as to not get creases since you dont apply wet like you could for a large flat surface