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Ninja 250 vs big bikes Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Deadsy, May 16, 2012.

  1. Corner speed be everything!

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  2. Great riding.
  3. That was some sweet riding! :D
  4. such great little bikes.
    loving the sound of doing it's best.
  5. "But it's not a sports bike..."

    Repeat endlessly.
  6. It's all about the rider....

    We did a track day at Philip Island and surprisingly it pissed down with rain. As we were all Marshalled off an guy on a Post Classic bike took to the track.

    Even though he wasn't pushing hard his lap times in the wet were better than any of the track day guys in the dry.
  7. hahaha...love it!
  8. i refuse to accept this video as true and correct.

    This is not possible. Im calling bullshit on his ninja 250.
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  9. I haven't ridden the track so can't say if the speed is correct but it looks close.
    Even with a track setup, that is pretty close the the limit of a baby ninja.
    Awesome skills to do that.
  10. much nicer lines through the corners than most of the other bikes out there.

    Same guy, same track, nice save.
  11. Yeah that guy is a racer. Watch some of his other videos. Late braking, good lines and carries corner speed well.
  12. Have a listen to the bike in the second clip on this page - defintely a 250 - well not a bigger bike anyway.

    He has some super lines and his corner speed is incredible. Very nice riding.

  13. It's definitely a 250. I think it's just the red group, most of the other riders are moderately terrible in braking points, lines and corner speed.
  14. Put same guy on the other bikes and he'd **** them too... he's clearly a much, much, much better rider than the others... Surprised it could go that hard !
  15. Its all fun and games till the engine goes POP
  16. Dunno about that. My baby 400 has done 90 something thousand kms of popping and banging off the rev limiter every single time I ride it. Held wide open in top gear for minutes, not seconds, at a time. Still going strong
  17. I only say that as a while ago my mate dropped his ZX10 at the island, then borrowed his sister-in-laws honda 250rr so he could get the most of his track time.. 2 sessions later and POP goes the donk, I still give him shit about it.