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Ninja 250 Tyre Upgrade

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hazamatic, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I'm about to buy a '08 Ninja 250 from some dude and it looks like he will need to put on some new rubber for it to pass the RWC.

    Instead of leaving him to buy the crappiest cheapest tyres he can find, I'd rather ask him to put on something that I want, and then I pay the difference.

    So, my question, what tyres should I get? This is my first bike and I don't really have any experience with bike tyres. I've heard the stock tyres are not very good, but I am not after the best money will buy....yet.

    What are some good value tyres to put on a Ninja 250 that will last ~10k and not break the bank? I think high-end costs around ~$500 so I'm assuming I can get something decent for ~$300?

  2. Try some pirelli sport demons, I liked them on my zzr250 and many others like them on their 250s. Mine were $330 fitted.
  3. As phizdog said, sports demons are a good tyre. If your doing a lot of commuting or touring they would be perfect.

    However if you want super awesome tyres then get some Dunlop Alpha GPR10s.

    They wear faster and arn't brilliant in the rain but for the dry they are just about the best you can buy for a 250.
  4. the bike comes stock with 110/70/17 at the front and 130/70/17 at the rear
    i believe that australia fits them with BT045's as standard as thats what is fitted to mine and every other ninja i've seen

    i am upgrading to BT090's shortly with 120/70/17 and 150/70/17

    it depends what sort of riding you want to do
    if you are a commuter as opposed to a spirited rider
    you could get away with 140/60/17 at the rear otherwise it'd rub the swingarm
  5. Thanks guys I'll try out the sports demons. My first bike so we'll see how it goes :)