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Ninja 250 SA Advanced test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ninjaman, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Howdy,

    Booked my test to get off the old L's in South Australia.

    Just wondering, any chance of doing that pesky figure 8 u turn test on the little ninja? I have a feeling it will not be possible. A workmate reckons they can make an allowance for the kind of bike but I doubt it, im sure they will say use our bikes. I would much rather use mine as I dont trust the dodgey clutches on their bikes.

    I will go down to the range and practice for a while anyway, but if anyone has done it on a 250 ninja it would be great to hear from you on any tactics,

  2. shouldn't the ninja 250r be one of the easiest bikes to manoeuver??
  3. Unless the testing centre is running a fleet of Mitos or something I can't see how you'd be at any sort of disadvantage on a Ninja.
  4. Howdy, cheers guys, the centre has yamaha scorpios but they have dubious clutches.

    I will try out the oaklands range tonight and see how I go on my ninja.
  5. If you're more comfortable with your bike then stick with it.

    Personally though I think you're better off using one of theirs for the sole reason that then you can push it a lot harder during practicing without having to worry so much about damaging it.
  6. Most definitely possible. If you can't do it, practice til you can.
  7. pm sent.

    For the record on a 250R you can't do one exercise. A double u-turn. The turning circle is physically too big to do it easily. Only way you can do it is by leaning the bike right over and practically stunting the thing through... Not the kind of skills a Learner has, nor can be expected to have. An ex-instructor from ridersafe had a punt at it (after I failed a bunch of times), and he only just, only just got it through.

    I'll be going on a scorpio. I figure that way I can just thrash the clutch and not feel guilty. Also easy to throw through the weave, s-turn and u-turn. Emergency stop and slow ride probably won't matter.