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%@!#&!!! - Ninja 250 recall

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Spikes, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. So I got my first bike a new 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250r pretty much two months ago. Haven't had a chance to ride it much yet.
    I "found" netrider about a week or so ago and have spent hours and hours in here during this past week.

    I've found all sorts of interesting threads and more so all sorts of rides that are happening regularly (like the tuesday learner thing)

    So here I am at home, sitting in front of my laptop and thinking it looks mighty fine outside, mebbe I should go and check out the friday southbank coffee thing, when a nice little letter from Kawasaki drops in my mailbox saying:

    "Kawasaki... has initiated a Vehicle Recall Campaign affecting the following model EX250JAF. (which just happens to be the one I have)

    On affected units, engine oil may leak and deposit onto the rear tyre, creating the potential for an accident to occur..."

    So my question is this, can they just "fix it" there and then? or do I need to leave it? And if I have to leave it, should they give me something else to ride on in the meanwhile?
    I've only ridden it for about 100k or so (sooo ashamed! :() so it's not even close to needing maintenance etc. The only bad is, that it's been dropped once, it was stationary at the time.. sorta. The left blinker was proven to be a slightly tougher guy than the left fairings, mut other than a few scratches there's nothing broken..

    Not ready to part with my baby yet!

  2. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Apparantly its not a big deal, or so i hear from guys over at KSRC.
    Book the bike in to get the issue fixed, and just keep an eye out for oil leaks around the rear of the engine.

    I doubt its gonna spew a gutload out in one big hit, so as long as your keeping an eye out you should be OK.
  3. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Ask the Dealer you should, answer questions he will.
  4. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Agree with him ^^ I do....
  5. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Much appreciated your answers are :dance:
  6. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Best to get it seen to now rather than have a problem later. Dont worry about dropping your bike, I think most of us have done it at some stage or other during the first few months.
  7. Re: %@!#&!!!

    I've dropped it once. (so far) Now that I dropped it, I'm not so fussed anymore, but when I saw the scratches for the first time, there was a bit of a tear I my eye, I admit.

    [note to self: Must Buy Black tape ASAP!]

  8. pfft i had a hydraulic jack handle bounce of my petrol tank.... Now it has a painful blemish on a curve edge! Yay!
  9. Tell the dealer you dropped it wheeling it out of the driveway because there was oil all over the rear tyre!!!

    No don't do that, it's sometimes refered to as fraud or something I think...

    Call the dealer, they'll tell you what's involved in the recall.
  10. They aren't scratches. They are personalised character marks.
  11. Re: %@!#&!!!

    Maybe look at oggies in case it takes a fall on the other side - that would be devastating i thinks.....
  12. I keep telling everyone it's a custom sticker/paint job. I don't understand why they keep giving me a Look.
  13. Hmmmmm.....!!!!! Not a bad idea at all! :p
    Technically it was stationary, as can be seen from the marks... :demon:

    edit: Who added the 250 recall at the end of my heading? And more importantly.. HOW!? :D
  14. a mod so that the rest of us know what the thread is about
  15. :D Makes sense I suppose. I think it's brilliant! (being slightly hot-headed occasionally, I didn't even think of that) :p
  16. In the same boat. Was thinking the letter I got was a welcome letter as i picked up my Ninja only 6 weeks ago.
    I had already booked in my service a couple of weeks ago for Tuesday and then a couple of days later... Boom safety recall... I was like wtf also.
    So I dropped off my bike on Tuesday. When I brought it in the assistant was aware of the recall and pulled out a spare part (thinking it was for my bike) & (I called a week before and left a message, but go no call back :( ).
    I then got a call from service center saying that my bike was leaking oil (because of recall) and that wont get it back till at least Thursday at the minimum.
    This was due to them having to take a picture of the affected part and email it to Kawasaki to get them to send the part down form Sydney. Again I'm thinking WTF??? Is this normal process for a safety recall??
    Isn't the purpose of a safety recall to change over the part that is affected on all bikes not just ones that seem affected?
    Id love to know you guys thoughts as Id like to call the service center today and ask for an explanation as to why its taking so long. Might even call Kawasaki.
  17. Well bloody hell!!!

    Where'd you get your ninja from? How much does the first service cost? Any ideas? A few people have told me it should be free, buuut somehow I doubt it.
    Please keep me posted on what happened with the part etc.
    I REEALLY should go and get mine looked at too :p
  18. On my R1100s there was a recall about a faulty fuel hose. I was not the original owner but bmw Germany tracked me down with a letter about the recall.
    I rang southbank they took the bike in a few days later, even gave me a courtesy bike for the day while they changed over the hose. (they even washed the bike after)
    As far as I know if your bike model is affected then a recall is in line for all the bikes not just ones where they show they have a problem.
    What the dealer did taking a photo then sending pic off to kawasaki etc is wrong.
  19. Hahahahah! Somehow I doubt they'll give me a courtesy bike for a day/ few days..
    A)I'm on my L's
    8) My current one's a bit bashed up already, :grin: (it's less that 3 months old) :D
    so they'd probably be quite terrified I'd put some character marks on the courtesy one too :D
  20. Well I got mine from Peter Stevens Ringwood for $7500 on road.
    When I rang up to book first service i was quoted at around $230. (Thinking to myself what the.. But from what i have read first service should always be at the dealership.)
    Well I got a call on Thursday morning saying that my bike wont be ready till early next week as kawasaki was closed for public holidays.
    (I called the kawasaki number today and the message on the machine was that they were closed from 24th till the 4th.) If thats the case why did they say they would try and get it ready by Thursday???? Man I hate people trying to Bull**** me.
    Im sure the service center wont be closed during this time for spare parts?

    Homers voice "Anger rising"

    Yes if you have the 2010 ninja id suggest calling into the dealership you got it from and having a word with them. How long ago did you purchase the bike?
    If you just got it it might not be regester with kawasaki yet so might be worth giving them a call.