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ninja 250 pillion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AngX, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. hi all

    i come off restrictions in 2 weeks and already have a list of 10 girls that are begging me for a ride only, problem is ive never taken a passenger before and im a little worried about how my 09 ninja250 will hold up to the challenge.
    anyone else out there ever taken a pillion on there ninja250? are they ok?
    im 6ft and 65kg and the passengers are smaller than me.

    or should i just tell them all no untill i get a bigger bike?
  2. in my honest opinion i would wait for the bigger bike. If its lady's u plan on taking then bigger bike bigger boob jamming :LOL: just make sure you remove your back protector for the full affect :grin:
  3. Lucky you. 10 girls that are begging you for a ride... on the bike, I assume ;)

    Even though I don't speak from experience (I'm still on my L's), I would say that it would be sensible to ease into learning to ride with a pillion... preferably with someone that knows how to be a pillion already.

    It could be a major learning curve, especially if you're both caught up in the excitement of it all. That kind of thing can lead to mistakes.
  4. I'm still on restrictions but have taken my girlfriend for a ride around our driveway area which is quite big and my biggest worry was the extra weight while stationary but it really wasn't a problem. You just need to be aware of it, same with breaking distances. Only way to learn is with experience so i say give it a go and take it slow at first
  5. emo. Just kidding.

    I've taken a rather light pillion on my zzr250 (same motor as yours) a few times, she tips the scales at just over 50kg's and i'm 72, the bike was hardly moving, and the suspension was squashed up majorly, i.e. going up driveways at normal speed would bottom the rear end out. However, I've ridden a few big bikes, been pillion with many different riders who have different styles of riding (either very calm and slow or shit-your-jocks fast) and know what bikes can do as would you.

    Would however your future pillions know the same thing??

    If they have never been near a bike, I'd say they wouldn't notice at all. The exposure for the first time been on a bike may have them more pre-occupied then noticing the bike struggling to take off (to your standards, remember, you know your bike inside out, they don't).

    My only advice would be to get a little experience taking a pillion from a fellow rider so you know how the bike handles. A fellow rider will know how to behave as a pillion, your female friends however might wiggle around or move in corners etc which could prove for a hairy time (pardon the pun).

    Side note however, if your planning on upgrading in a few weeks, maybe wait? If your not, take 'em for a ride............................... :wink:

    All in all, good luck with said females! :grin:
  6. i wasnt planning to upgrade for atliest the next 3months.
    one of the girls wanting a ride has been a pillion many times before so i was thinking of taking her first.
    just alittle worried about it all, ive read the guide for pillions everything i could find but now im worried about if my bike will make it and if / how much i should adjust the preload
  7. Get a bigger bike. A 250, plus 2 people, would not pull the skin off a rice pudding.
  8. eat some more meat man :grin:

    10 girls eh, pics please, phone numbers to :LOL:
  9. Sure? thats unhealthy. do you have any muscle at all? how do you lift your helmet to put it on... :p

    im 6'3 and 85 catch up.
  10. Look at India or any Asian country:
    Much smaller bikes have carried many more people, just fine.

    Go for it. Get some practice. Put both feet down when you stop the bike - you never know which side the pillion will lean to.

    I recommend not trying to show off or anything. Ride smooth; chicks are stoked enough just to get a helmet on and do something their parents would hate, but they don't want to be scared.
  11. Give it a go. 250s aren't ideal for pilioning, but you'd fit like 6 people on them in other parts of the world :grin:

    As others have said, just take it nice and easy. Hardest part I find is the need to be extremely smooth with everything - steering, brakes and accerlation - doing things gradually gives them time to react the way they need (eg. bracing for bracing, leaning, gripping more, etc). The feeling once they get off and you ride by yourself is worth the experience in itself as you find yourself suddenly no longer restrained :) But taking someone on back and sharing the fun of the ride makes it an enjoyable change from riding solo.
  12. do a couple carpark rounds with them before the open road
  13. Harsh. I'm 6'2" and 65kg... but only because I went to the gym and managed to put on a little weight, I used to be 60kg :)
  14. IIRC, the ninja 250r manual states that the maximum safe carrying capacity of the bike is 170kg. You should be fine, unless if some of those chicks are salad dodgers.
  15. yeh i eat a truckload its just i burn it off too quickly. it runs in my family nothing i can do about it other than make good use of it and eat whatever i want whenever i want :p
  16. oh and thank you everyone for your on topic replies

    LAMS bikes although not the best bikes for pilioning will do it, badly, but will manage,

    my 2c would be to wait though, I did it on my GS500 and it turned into a gutless little thing, would hate to see it on a 250 with half the hp.
  18. its doable...

    but wont look all that nice and the bike will be struggling haha
  19. do it.. one at a time though, ya lucky bastard. yeah put a cushion under the pillion lady as it'll be bottom out city.
    now i need to get some tight black jeans and loose... ohh say 30kgs..
    here i come ladies...