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Ninja 250 or CBR250R??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TheRod, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hey all, my GF is looking at getting back onto a bike after a pretty bad injury she got 3 years ago, she has riding experience but has lost alot of confidence and balance. The dilema is she wants a half decent sport or naked, but something that is light enough for her to handle. Have been looking at the Ninja 250 or a CBR250R as the options so far any input would be appreciated. My GF weighs about 65kg and is about 5"8 if that helps.

    Thanks in advance

  2. A VTR 250 would or should be on her list if shes looking at 250s
  3. Aprilia RS 125.........cant get any lighter than that.
  4. Hi, to give you a bit of feedback, I have a Ninja 250 and find it very light and manageable. This is my first bike and chose the Ninja because it didn't feel too overwhelming for me as I'd never ridden before. I'm 5'4 and weigh 50kg on a fat day.

    To be quite honest though, I'm looking forward to the day I get a heavier bike, the wind shoves me around no end! Good luck. :)
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  5. Definitely the green one....:angel:

    The honda's a bit too gutless, even for a light rider...

    It will be interesting to see how much the rule makers dumb down the 250 proddie race series this year just so that the honda doesn't look like a complete dog.
  6. HI all thanks for the quick and helpful replies. The VTR is something that have been looking at but she is keen on a full faired bike, mind you some nakeds are appealing so any options arent off the table yet except for two-strokes....... in saying that is there any other smaller Aprillias that arent 2stroke? i only say thatdue to it wont get ridden that much and maintence is just too much of a hassle on one at the moment, and thanks for the input kazinga it is much appreciated. Also what year and how much storage if any does it really have? (enough for a lock maybe?)

    mike8863, how bad is the honda? Ive always like the naked hondas they have a bit of appeal, might be gutless for someone like me (6"1 and 125kg) but i thought they would atleast be on par with the ninja?? They probably will heaps, makes me sad but i cant see my GF getting on one and coming home in one piece, so dumbed down is fine for her, 250cc i dont think will move me very far haha

    again all input is appreciated please keep up the advice it is very helpful

    thanks in advance

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  8. Similar situation to your GF here, just recently got back into riding after a long break. Lost a lot of confidence due to not riding for such a long time.

    Hubby got me a Ninja 250, I love it, very easy to ride, really light and maneuverable. I am quite a bit shorter than your GF at 5"1 and I can't get both feet down however the bike is light enough that it doesn't bother me.
    At 5"8 your GF shouldn't have any issues getting both feet down which would make it even easier when it comes to stopping.
  9. From my experiences, I'd recommend the Ninja. I bought my Cibby2fiddy around the same time my mate bought his ninja.

    I found the Honda to be very comfortable and easy to maneuver with a nice rider position over the ninja, however as a single cylinder it has no over taking power.

    It's guts are in it's mid range.

    However even though the ninja isn't as comfortable it's a better bike to ride in the sense it's got a lot more get-up-n-go.

    I'd recommend the ninja, as a first bike the Honda hits the mark, but thats about it.
  10. Hello :)

    My boyfriend just showed me this thread and told me to put in my 2 cents. I'm 4'9 (150cm) and 45kg. I started off on a Ninja 250R and I gotta say, I loved it regardless of many of my friends saying how slow it was and that it has no power etc etc. I found it really heavy at first but eventually got very used to it and found it so easy to handle. I sold it once I got suspended and bought an RVF400 which took a little getting used to since I lost quite a lot of confidence. Needless to say, it's much heavier than the Ninja. If you're choosing between the Ninja or a CBR250RR.. I'd go the Ninja. Much more reliable, easy on maintenance, economical and comfortable. Of course, it's just my opinion.
  11. Have a look at the GS500F, plenty of bike for a beginner. Sometimes the 250's can be a tad dissapointing
  12. Mine's a 2011 model. Under the back seat, if I leave the toolkit in there, there's enough room for me to shove a bag in that's approx 15x20x3cm to keep phone, keys, purse etc. Not much more than that will fit, but you can pile it higher with a seat cowl on. You need to keep your stuff strapped down otherwise highly likely it'll slip into the abyss. Well, that's my experience anyhow...
  13. Honda Hornet 250, Bandit 250 (GSF250V), Yamaha Zeal, Kawasaki Balius are all great bikes and have a lot more balls than the twin or single cylinder 250s. I'm not sure a GS would be a good choice, whilst not exactly the heaviest bike they are a fair step up from most 250s in terms in size/weight and if you're going to already be struggling with the 250s...

    Also keep in mind the Yamaha R15, that might be a good one to have a look at.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies the info has been very helpful, we are leaning towards the Ninja as it seems to have everything that she is looking for, might get somethin inbetween and buy a new flash one :D see how we go.


  15. I like the Hyo GT250R more than the Ninja, test ride one of those. They have digital speedos, dual front discs, USD forks, fuel injection and a more hunched over racing sitting position.
  16. Which would be awesome if they were a good bike. They're shit.
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  18. half decent sports bikes the 250R and CBR250R 2011 model are not.

    There are infact, extremely shit.

    Hornet 250 - Ultimate LAMS bike.
  19. Nah, CB400
  20. Why is that?

    I haven't heard many people say that, yet you can say that the other two (may I add that they are the leading lams bikes) are shit.

    Back up your argument, please.