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Ninja 250 - More cowl bell

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CussCuss, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Plus a fender chop and tube holder.

    Makes the rear end a lot cleaner.


    now to get my hands on some perforated tube and make an exhaust.
  2. Thats beached Brew, beached as...
  3. congrats mate!
    mine arrives in 3 or 4 weeks apparently

    looking good!
  4. Nice, looks tonnes better :)
  5. that's a very tidy kawasaki, but one thing, if you have the seat cowl is it worth taking off the pillion pegs too?
  6. Heaps beached.
  7. want to try a chip bro?
  8. while the fender elim would be nice, i cant quite justify the cost when its almost there already for $0.

    The pillion pegs are a good idea, whole arm can come off on the left side, but only the peg on the right, will have a crack tomorrow if i have the right size bit.
  9. Well I would do Bro, but I don't eat chups. Nah I only eat Plankton.

    Can't chew bro...
  10. that's a bit deceptive
  11. I know, its very misleading, do you have any planton?