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Ninja 250 help

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Zanon, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I am looking at purchasing this 2008 Ninja 250. I went and saw it and gave it a test ride. It rode very well, went through the gears well, breaks didn't feel mushy. It show's 5800km which looking at it, it looks legit.

    He says he doesn't have time to get a RWC which is understandable so if I was to purchase it, I would have to go and get it however it is currently registered. Only issues I saw was whilst riding it, and on the move, there was a slight buzzing/whining which sounded like either brakes rubbing or bearings, not sure but would anyone know how much something like that would cost to fix?

    Only other thing I am unsure about is there seems to be a leak coming from near the gear shifter? I'm not sure where it would be coming from or if it is from the chain lube? The owner seems to think it's from the lube and where the bike was stored had no oil on the ground. I have added photos of where it is and have also added photos of the swing arm and the bottom fairing where some more of the oil/lube was. It was basically all over the chain and surrounding parts to the chain which leads me to believe that it probably is chain lube? Any input is appreciated.

  2. That looks like chain crud mate.
    A buzzing noise probably isn't the bearings or brakes, it's more likely some of the plastics vibrating. Did you notice if the buzzing went away at higher gears?
  3. I think most LAMS bikes buzz a little bit.....

    That looks like standard chain crud/lube in the pictures. It build up inside of the front sprocket cover and then oozes down towards the gear lever.
  4. Chain lube, which is a good thing as at least you know chain wasn't neglected.
  5. Brilliant!
    Thanks for the responses, hopefully it doesn't need anything done for a roady!
  6. Well, you'd best wipe that crud off with a rag and a little kero, but that's the only thing visible in those pics.