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Ninja 250 FE Wiring (Brake Light)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zan, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I've never been a DIY person, so a bad mistake on my half purchasing a cheap fender eliminator kit that lacks instructions. This wiring business is all new to me - so be nice.

    After a tedious time dismantling the fender, I was was left wondering how to connect up the new brake light and rear indicators. Unfortunately none of the wires came with connectors - so any ideas how to connect up the new brake light (don't worry about the indicators for now)?

    Here's the new fender and the wires (brake wire is the long black one):


    Where it needs to connect to (female):


    OEM brake wire (male):

    I've tried just plugging them directly into the female connector (2nd pic) and the lights work - but obviously it won't hold.

    Bit confused on what exactly I need to do (cut one of the wires + solder? buy new connector? from where?)

    Any help greatly appreciated :)
  2. Best option's either to cut the connector from the original fender and attach that to the new wiring, or cut the connector on the bike and use and appropriate male/female connector on the existing wiring and the new fender.

    Connectors and any other bits you might need are easy enough to buy from somewhere like Jaycar. For example:
  3. Thanks for the reply. Keep in mind I have no experience at all using these connectors. Any idea how to go about the first method you mentioned (reusing the Male connector from OEM wiring to new wiring)?

    I've tried to forcefully pull the wire out of the connector - no luck. Do these things come out (or disassemble)? Or do I cut an inch off the OEM wire and solder it to the new one ?

    Forgive my noobiness :confused:
  4. Oops just realized I've been saying 'brake light' instead of 'license plate light'. Won't let me edit the OP - sorry for the confusion !
  5. Yeah usually easiest to just cut the wire a reasonable distance from the original connector, then strip a bit of insulation off the end (most connectors aren't meant to be disassembled). Next just slip a length of heat-shrink tubing over one of the wires, then twist the lengths of wire together and solder (though even just twisting together can often be enough).

    Finally move the heat-shrink over the join, and use a heat-gun (or hair dryer, or lighter) to shrink it and create a watertight seal over the joined wires. Heat shrink can also be bought from Jaycar, either in specific lengths or just grab a variety pack:
    (and no I don't work for Jaycar, in fact a lot of the stuff they sell is complete crap. But they are convent).

    Hope this makes sense.
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