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Ninja 250 died twice...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by OzzyDevil, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. First time i left the house 1k up the road and it died... I started it with choke warmed up and turned it of i was on 270 on the clock and i thought i ran out of fuel... Walked it up servo filled up but the odd thing was i still had lots of fuel it only took about 12 liters...

    Second time was at the hospital i warmed it up and got 1/2k down the road and the bike stalled again... Pushed it over the road choke back out and it started good... that had about 240k on the clock at the time...

    I have done 340k before and i fuel up always around 300k bike is new well i have done 5300k on her now...

    The only thing i can think of is that i might have the choke just out abit when riding but i don't know if that makes the bike die... Any idea guys ??
  2. Are you wringing its neck a little more now that its got a few K's up?

    The more more you twist the right wrist the faster the fuel gets used up...but the more fun it is..:angel:
  3. Do i need to answer that :) Yeah i am abit not all the time just in some spots..
  4. Water in the fuel perhaps?
    Is it parked under cover?
  5. No it just has a cover over it at night a bike tarp or something like that :)
  6. Mine did that a couple of times in its first 800kms. It had a lot of slack in the throttle and seemed to stop once that was fixed. Probably a co-incidence.
  7. Time for a service. Might just need some adjustments?
  8. It's going in for a service next Friday so i am going to tell them about it and get them to look at it :)
  9. Only give it as much choke as it needs. If you leave choke on it will tend to want to bog down and possibly stall as you take it and you probably need to give more revs when you do take off.

    But get them to have a look at it at the service.
  10. Vapour lock?
    Usually a hot weather issue though.
    Next time try popping the fuel cap and give it a crank.

    Happened to me regularly on the 250 though again, was hot a hell.
  11. Hi, Sounds like it is quite likely the case that your bike may not have had a proper comprehensive PDI (pre delivery inspection) when new.

    I come accross that a lot when servicing near new bikes, often the dealers workshop have done the bare minimum re ensuring that it is in a proper state of tune prior to leaving the shop from new.

    Indeed so many times I have found that the fuel air mixture adjustments are way out of syc re the carbies / or fuel injection. One must never expect the factory to get it right considering the volume of bikes they pump out for import.

    Then to a lessor degree there is the issue of a tight engine freeing up quite a bit after some running in, this will require minor changes during the 1st & 2nd service.

    Make sure to advise the dealer of this & it may help inspire them to be a little fussier if you question how much time was spent on tuning re the PDI,

    I hope the above facts help, cheers netriderchchic