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Ninja 250 08 AMCN review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dougz, May 1, 2008.

  1. Has anyone else read the review in the latest AMCN? It cops an absolute pasting! Actually a pretty funny article with such gems as

    and this

    on a more serious side

    A shame really because judging by this review, the bike isn't living up to the expectation it promised.

  2. And yet, http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5920 loved it.

    Don't know of any bikes at the Ninja's price point that have a clock.

    It sounds like the reviewer was some litrebike RR pilot who just wanted to get the review out of the way rather than considering the target market. :roll:
  3. American motorcycle press are junk in general.

    The comment on taking two adults on the bike is valid from looking at it. That pillion seat is a complete fashion victim, but that's what riders want :roll: . Same for the mirrors.

    Regardless, the kawasaki will far outsell any other learner bike for the forseable future.
  4. Motorcycle USA is pretty good, actually, for being realistic about bikes.

    If anything, you'd expect a USA publication to be verbally dumping on a 250cc learner bike, given that few states in the US have anything like our learner restrictions and therefore a learner could get any sensible bike to learn on... Or even a Hayabusa to "learn" on.

    Of course a 250 will struggle with two large-sized adults on it, but it'll cope. Bitching that a 250cc bike only has 32 horsepower is like complaining that a Corolla can't do a 12 second quarter mile. Of course it can't, it's a Corolla. Did anyone realistically expect that it should?

    Fair call about the mirrors, though.

    My main issue with the quotes above is that they aren't being realistic about the bike. They pay out on it as if it were supposed to have the performance of a litrebike, the cockpit features of a $12,000 Bandit 1250S, etc.
  5. Don't see why pillion carrying ability would even be a factor. This bike is going to be bought almost entirely by learners, and they're not legally allowed to carry a pillion anyway.
  6. This review seems to be written by someone who's totally missed the point and market for this motorcycle. And they seem to be an ignoranus.
  7. But it's pretty damn funny :LOL:
  8. How has he missed the point. Looks to me that what he's saying is that Kawasaki have built a bike that is capable, but woefully underpowered/overgeared and in the process have made it exactly the opposite of what a new rider needs.
  9. Is there any 250's with huge amounts of power that you don't have to downshift with?

    I dunno, the new ninja doesn't seem that bad as long as you ride it like a 250 (full throttle high revs? :D)
  10. I'm guessing the reviewer is well aware of the limits of the bike. His comment regarding the gearing would be spot on. A 250 geared for 200kmh is going to have a compromised gearbox.
  11. What were they expecting? A motoGP bike? The new Ninja is aimed at new riders not carrying pillions or wondering what the time it. Get a frickin Goldwing if comfort and gadgets are your thing.

    Sounds like a Jurno desperately looking for a different angle as most others who ride it as if it was a Learners bike only say good things.
  12. Especially given the current alternatives for new learner legal bikes.
    Only has to be marginally better than the Hysoung GT250R to be a success (and that shouldn't be difficult).
  13. So in redline in top gear the bike should do 200 km/h down a steep hill? Maybe the 6th gear is an overdrive?
  14. The review claims the bike shows 5000rpm at 80km/h, which by my maths equates to 6875rpm at 110km/h. One or two thousand rpm higher would probably be handy at 110km/h, given peak power is at 11'000rpm.
  15. Previous reviews have got to 160-170 in perfect conditions (like previous models), all others have said it will not do 200.

    They need woefully overpowered and undergeared? :p
  16. isnt it just the same old "put a fairing on it and they'll buy it" attitude..

    I'd bet a VTR250 would give it a hiding on the straights and in the twisties..
  17. So gear it for 160 then! A bike with little power does not need to be geared for a speed that it can never attain.
  18. They already had a fairing :p

    I doubt you'd be able to find rider's similar enough in skill to make such a comparison mean anything. They both have budget suspension and about the same power. Difference is VTRs top speed is about 20kmh less.
  19. Shock horror, someone on a 250 wanting more power :LOL: