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Ninja 1000 2011 model :) noice

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  1. #1 goddie, Jul 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2013
    goddie submitted a new showcase item:

    Ninja 1000 2011 model :) noice

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  2. Cmon Goddie, we need pics... unfortunately I am still laid up and can't get to Elwood to see in the flesh :)
  3. well done Goddie!!! I sat on my first Ninja 1000 (2011) today. Loved it. Been drooling over it for over a year now. My knees fit JUST under the wings on the fuel tank as i'm 6'4. A match made in heaven. Come September 2 when I'm off LAMS, the 2012 Ninja 1000 will be mine (2012 has the green headlight faring, opposite to 2011 and 2013, I like it much better)
  4. Saw the new machine a couple of weeks ago - very nice indeed.

    Looks like the previous owner barely road it! Brand-spankers!

    Great buy Goddie......enjoy :D
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  5. Funnily enough mine has a 2012 nose, but is a 2011 model, completely agree with you, the black nose just doesnt look good, gets dirty eady too....
  6. You're actually the person that brought that to my attention PilgriM! Got a photo of your machine for me?
  7. Here you go...


  8. nice choice in color @PilgriM :) would have bought yours without a second thought if it were on the market at the time.. anyone looking for a well cared Ninja, Pilgrilm's baby's been baby'd like no other :) plus has all the right goodies [bastard, lol] luv the luggage setup, damnwell thought out, so easy to add/remove without any stress.
  9. Looks the goods indeed. Got a figure in mind Pilgrim? I need to make decisions asap
  10. Pin him @Gord, a well looked after bike that one!! Ask @streetmaster, he services that baby too.
  11. goddie updated Ninja 1000 2011 model :) noice

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