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Nininja 250 v gs500f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rhys84au, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Ok hi guys, a little over a week ago i had made a post about purchasing my first bike and got some really great responses which helped narrow down my bike search.

    so my specs, more or less spot on 6ft tall, weight fluctuates between 90-95kgs.

    i had a pretty long look at the gs500f over the weekend and it seems like a lovely bike for my local commute (about 12ks each way for work, plus a gym stop on way home) the pricing on a 2009 model seemed pretty reasonable also.

    i sat on a ninja 650rl and found it to be a really nice height/weight and felt comfy overall.

    so then i sat back and thought about the fact iam more or less local commuting and for my first year could i get away with a 250 ninja. i think i could but what are others opinions of my height/weight to the 250? is the physical bike size full sized (so same as the 650? or smaller?)

    the only thing sticking in concern is the fact i want to make some trips from brisbane to gladstone and back (lets say 500kms each way) so the 500 would be better for that iam imagining but would the ninja 250 do a reasonable job of that length of trip? (6hrs ish) ill probably only doe this trip 3 or 4 times in the period i would keep either of these bikes.

    the fuel economy of the ninja for my local work is what has made me think of that bike and being light/more agile would be nifty to learn the riding ropes on.

    so ninja 250 fullsized like the 650 and would it cruise comfortably at 110 with my weight? talking with my mate that would do the runs with me and he says we would prolly do at least 2 stops for fuel on the way as well for fuel/stretch (he is on the er6n)

    edit; both bikes iam looking at will either be 09 or 10 models.
  2. Youre about my dimensions and my Ninjette cruises just fine mate. Sits on 110 quite nicely doesnt use TOO much petrol and still has plenty of go go to speed up if need be. I tend to get a good 350kms per tank if im not flogging it, but if i get a bit too excited it does tend to suck down a bit more. I dont know what its meant to do, and mine does need a new chain and sprockets at the moment so that may be affecting economy some (im not too sure).
  3. The GS500 is marginally more powerful, however I think they're about the most unexciting thing you can ride. Some people swear by them but whenever I get one as a loan bike from the shop I want to chuck it down the road.

    The Ninja 250 is a great bike, and I don't think it would have any problems lugging you around. The big problem with small engined bikes is usually not the engine power (a 250 will easily get you around) but usually the quality of the brakes. I think the brakes on the 250r are better than the GS500.

    However. The 650 will last you longer, especially once you're off restrictions and you can derestrict it. If you want a bike that will last you a while, I'd be looking at the 650rl. OTOH shopping for bikes is fun. So, maybe get the 250 and then replace it in 3 years :)
  4. Yeah I thought about the 650rl but I've been told that even once Iam on my unrestricted license getting rego changed to reflect the derestricting and also getting insurance is out the window.

    Insurance being my big thing... I don't want to potentially be in a situation where I did ****up and end up with no cover.
  5. Also wow stupid phone made the thread title stuffed nininja? Lol
  6. I'd go with the Ninja, they're fun and zippy and hugely reliable. I know a few guys that love their Ninja's so much they haven't bothered to upgrade once their restrictions were over so they obviously have something going for them.
  7. I commute every day on my GS500F and I've only had it since Sept (first bike). I'm pretty much your build (6ft, 98kgs). The seat is a little low which means your left leg is bent a bit at the lights to be comfortable, my clutch cable seems quite stiff but other than that it's been fine. It's not super exciting though - competent. If it were a car it would be something like a Toyota Aurion. I'm glad I didn't get a 250 because I don't like revs and as it is you will be doing 4.5thou in 6th gear at 100kph. I appreciate the freeway ability and I only do 60kms of freewaying on weekends, the rest of my riding is innercity commuting (though I did do Eltham to Yarra Glen 2 weeks back and that was lovely). Got mine for $5250, never test rode it, it only ever had it's pre-delivery service in 27000kms but has so far never given any grief. Will definately be having a bit more power in the next bike though.
  9. Sorry to keep posting. Fully comp for the 2009 GS500F for me with no prior license, bike lock, 1000 bucks gear cover, 7 years of driving no claims (not including l's) and ungaraged bike in eastern suburbs Melbourne was only $368 from the ones with the cartoon gentleman with the MV. Hope that helps.
  10. I believe that there is two bikes the 650r and the 650rl, the rl is learner legal.
  11. It's funny... I feel exactly the same way about the GPX250 :)

    My other half had a GPX250 for a while and whilst It was sensible and reliable it was just so boring (unless you revved the tits off it, then it screamed for mercy and sounded like it was going to explode).

    The GS500 was a more relaxed experience on the highway and the fairing had better wind protection than the GPX.

    Don't get me wrong... neither of them is what I'd call an exciting bike but personally I preferred the GS to the GPX.

  12. correct, however its dead easy to derestrict the rl version hence why people say "just derestrict when on your opens" however my comment was meant to reflect the legalities/insurance problems by doing this.
  13. Tbh I think a cb400 is the smarter choice if you get a second hand one. Isn't restricted at all but has more punch than a 250. they go well from what I hear.
  14. IfI had to ride to Gladdy I would be happy on either.
    Once you hit Cooroy your down to 80 for the next 150K. There really is no hills or any decent bits of road in between. And they patrol the crap out of it these days. Every ones into the miners pockets lol.
    I struggle with the concept of anyone over 80 kg on a twofity. That's 10kg over what they are set up to carry at their best.
    Not sure a GS is any better? But it is a very well mannered and balanced bike. What it lacks in power it makes up for in real world torque.
    It will do anything a beginner to moderate rider asks of it. And ask very little in return.
    They do install confidence in a rider and that goes a long way to improving your riding at a faster rate.
    And it's something you can stuff in the back of the shed that will always be there and go. A classic work horse. A brumby maybe but a good horse.
  15. I am a 110kg unit and I ride a gs500 every single day. Sure, not as much grunt as the 1000cc trumpy but plenty enough for the daily commute and more than enough for a learner.

    You can ring the neck of a gs500 up in the twisties and its still a fun bike to ride for a learner.

    I have ridden a few of my mates restricted 650's and the GS500 was always quicker, more torque and just a nicer bike to ride. Plus gs500 is cheaper than a 650 and trust me, you will want to offload it once you upgrade to a full licence.
  16. I'm on the bad side of 100kg and riding my other halfs GPX250 the bike just didn't work well, riding a GS500 (which I've done a bit) the suspension worked better and the bike didn't feel like it was squatting at the back.

    In retrospect that's probably the reason the GS500 felt better to ride.
  17. I'm 95Kg and ride the 650RL plenty of juice in the throttel in restricted mode. you wont need to deristrict it while your learning and you will sell it for a reall 600cc+ bike anyway. so you dont have to derestrict it
  18. I have owned both (well, actually a GPX250, very similar) - and as a 90kg male, 5 ft 11, there is no comparison - the GS500 is much better. More open riding position, easier power delivery, faster. The trouble with the Ninja is that you have to rev it so hard to get anywhere, and this is a hassle. And dangerous, I think. Yes, I enjoyed it at the time, but on hindsight.....

    You have also mentioned a Ninja 650 - I suspect that this would be better again. Or a dual sport of some type. I now ride a VStrom (having had faster sportier bikes), which is terrific, marvellous riding position. You can really see the traffic around you, which is especially important for newbies. They are probably non-Lams, but a KLR650 is similar in some ways and I think LAMS. In hindsight, this or a more sporting LAMS 650, say a Versys if they come out in LAMS.
  19. Im 6"2 and 94kgs. I have had a GS500 for over a year. I put a yoshi exhaust on and bar end mirrors. Love the thing! Sounds good and is great to ride. Lots of low down power. I am frequently going on 200km weekend rides to the hills and has plenty of power. I honestly dont feel i need to upgrade, I really enjoy my motorcycle. I have had a ride on a 250 ninja, but not for long enough to form a complete opinion.

    Oh and if you do get a GS500, get the naked version. I think the fairing on the GS500F is pretty cheap and looks terrible. (just my personal opinion)