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Nine out of ten Australians are on Facebook??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 18, 2012.

  1. Seriously, who makes up these statistics??

    There are nowhere near that many people with a computer, even if you count smart-phones......

  2. Given you have provided no source or reference I'm assuming you are.
  3. no, tonight's news was gushing about how rich Zuckerberg is going to be tomorrow morning given that 'nine out of ten Australians are on Facebook"
  4. Are all the various animals on Facebook counted as Australians? If so when will they be given the vote? Further along that line - how long till we get rid of aus electral commission and just vote by hitting "like".
  5. 1/10 don't have access to a computer? Can you source that one?

    With exception to people over the age of senility, it wouldn't surprise me.
  6. I could believe that there are 17 or 18 million f*book accounts in Australia. There are probably more than 1m people here who have more than 5 f*book logins, too.

    I'm rather pleased to see that I'm now part of another minority group - those who do not have, and never have had, and have no intention of ever getting a f*book login.
  7. What's Facebook?
  8. Never use Facebook myself, too much dogyness with selling and using your data imo. And my opinion is one in the field of data analysis.
  9. Your still in myspace arent you? :p
  10. What's Myspace?
  11. I just deactivated my account. Rarely use it.

    Zuckerberg can kiss my Arse.

    I'll sign up if he can solve real problems like famine or world peace.

  12. But but but he almost caught Kony!!!!
  13. C'mon, Hornet, everyone knows that 78.2% of statistics quoted on the internet are made up.
  14. Cold turkey'd it off Facebook 18 months ago - don't miss the inanity one bit.
  15. I find FB a great tool for keeping in touch with my numerous overseas relatives. I do hate the advertising/spam/stupid requests but on the whole I am satisfied with the service provided.
  16. Shows how alienated people are. Being part of a virtual community is not real life.Seems there is a strong need to belong to something.....anything......even if it is not real.
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    Funny, I joined Netrider and then met a heap of real folks from here. Virtual space becomes real.

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    We aren't really real Anto just a bunch of actors hired to fool you. ;)
  19. exactly. I'm an Italian nun, actually :LOL:
  20. oh dear... of all the things you could've said.... :D