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Nikon Speedlight SB-800

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hey guys how u doin'

    my Nikon Speedlight SB-800 flash unit has a crack on the infrared screen at front...... it's pretty severe cos a bit of the screen chipped off....

    jsut wondering - could you take it to the shop for them to fix??? it's a really expensive flash and that's the last thing I want done to it :(

    the flash still works etc. but with the infrared screen damaged like that i think my flash won't be 100% (incorrect light calculation...)

    any opinions guys?
  2. Tough one. I'd take it to camera specialist and see what they make of it, then take it from there.
  3. The flash calculates the amount of light output by the thyristor built in behind that red plastic.

    Once enough light has bounced back after hitting the subject, the flash shuts off.

    If the crack is not over the thyristor then the only issue I would be worried about is the dust getting in. A bit of red cellophane should fix that.

    The other function that is performed behind that panel is the auto focus beam that it fires. If you are still seeing a decent beam spread then either clear tape of cellophane is your cheapest solution.
  4. Thanks Vic - that's some good advice there. I think i might do that.
    It's not over the thyristor but the crack is big enough to affect it (meaning i can tilt is slightly and see almost everything underneith the screen...)

    Ohh it's painful seeing that crack....... so u think it cannot be replaced?
    :( :(
  5. One moment Duke, I'll consult my resident Nikon expert since you mustn't have a phone :LOL:
  6. If I don't get it fixed today then I'll bring it to the coffee meet tonight (maybe we can fit a coupla pro photo op's in aswell hehe) and you can tell me how bad it is........ why can't everything in the world be built like my toughy Virago? (who am I to talk..... my virago ain't doing so well too........ it hasn't been a good week for me people..... everything is breaking around me!!!)
  7. Must be the all ords :LOL:

    dude - don't even go there...... I have no idea how much I lost this morning... lol
  9. Okay...a new IR cover will set you back $15 mate :)
  10. beautiful, cheers mate!

    and where is this recommended place to fixing for making benefit glorious flash?
  11. Nikon Broadway. 02 9699 5011 :grin: