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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. OK, I'm assuming none of us wake up screaming for mum, or sitting in a puddle of our own urine... even though it's nothing to be ashamed of, loz...

    Anyways - I still have the odd freaky dream, but not about monsters or anything: usually things I'm concerned about or value.
    For instance, I had braces in high school and had 4 teeth removed in the process - consequently, I have the odd dream where my teeth get knocked out or they fall out, or something happens to them [apparently teeth dreams are pretty common].

    But it sucks and I'm quite relieved when I realise I'm dreaming :)

    It just occurred to me though, that I have had the odd slumber anxiety moment that's been bike related, since I started riding - not just crashing or anything, but those weird ones... riding along:

    "Holy Crap! I'm not wearing a helmet!" ...
    "Holy Crap! I'm not wearing my draggin's either!"...
    ... "I'm wearing nothing but a Dainese Jacket and doing 80km/hour down Windsor Rd! I hope that chick in the station wagon realises how cold this fuel tank i*WAKES UP*

    This is in addition to the 'Mysterious high-side for no reason here comes a bus I'm totally fu*WAKES UP* ones.

    So yeah - anyone else have bike related dreams/nightmares, etc?

    ---[ooooh interesting: or does your PARTNER who doesn't ride, have bike related dreams since you started riding?]---
  2. Mate you are a strange one! Dream interpretation is a huge field and just as a starter dreaming of loosing teeth is a 100% sure sign of stress in your life, look at what you were dreaming of at the time and this will point you int he right direction. Motorcycle or car driving are symbolic of your journey through life, crashing or being scared are fairly normal parts of these types of dreams it indicates you may be uncertain of a life path.

    You may shut the door on the way out. :grin:
  3. the only nightmare I have had so far about my bike involved it being stolen by someone wearing pink pyjamas.
  4. Yeah, you gotta look for those pink ninja's in dreamland... :grin:

    Had a few disturbing nightmares about Zombie Bert & Ernie, but that's for another time and place methinks...
  5. Forget your meds again :p
  6. I get the odd flashback from the ghosts of stacks past. And I wake up in puddles of urine sometimes, but it doesn't taste like mine.
  7. The night I got my bike, I had a "bike version" of that sudden falling dream/sensation when falling asleep. It was the view of my handle bars/instruments, just like when sitting on the bike, but I revved really hard and the bike popped up and over.
  8. yeah i had one, where i was riding a hot R1. i was heading back towards home, just past a school and shopping centre, to a crest where theres a slight downhill... (real places). in the dream i'd been riding reasonably well, until here i lost a bit of self control and fully opened the throttle. well the g-force pulled me off the back of the bike a little, leaving my right hand stuck with the throttle fully open, letting go being the only slow down option. woke up as i hit a pole i guess.

    i'm never good at remembering dreams, just get a vague awareness that i've had a bad one. this time was no different. going to the shops i headed past that pole and it all came back to me and really freaked me out
  9. Yeah dreams can defiently be a sign of stress. Had a karate tournament on Sunday, a couple of nights before that i had a dream that i was competing in my underwear...no joke.

    Bike related though? Only when i was on my L's, was trying to take a corner and it just wouldnt turn. You know how it is with worst case scenario's, they usually creep up on my ya either in real life or in your dreams....dreams are scarier though.
  10. .....pulling 11 o'clock in 6th at 240k/hr and the front wheel comes off.........
  11. Guess

  12. I've had a bike not turning one I think - sometimes I have a lot of trouble remembering dreams but that feels familiar so I'm pretty sure I dreamt it :)

    I think I've also had a "forgotten helmet" one.

    Don't think I've had any crash ones yet - I'm sure I'd remember those. Besides that, I think it'd freak me out enough to bring on a terror which I'm not a stranger to :shock:
  13. I have dreams where bad things happen, but IN the dream I wake up and realise it's only a dream. Later, I wake up for real.....

    When I was little I used to have nightmares about going under the house to retrieve a ball and getting stuck there; I'm still claustrophobic in two door cars and aeroplanes.......
  14. I hate the dreams where you are losing your teeth...spitting them out and it seems like there are hundreds of them :? Wake up and check that they are all still there :LOL:

    Or dreaming you are having a fight but can't connect a punch or it is very, very ineffectual. Which probably would be in my case, cos I have never hit anyone in my life :LOL:

    I love the dreams of flying though, unfortunately I don't have these ones as often as when I was younger. :(
  15. LoL i have had some nightmares as i have braces ive had dreams that my teeth turned out worse then they really were :shock:

    Witches on flying carpets :LOL: Wahhh get away! :LOL:

    Many many more ....
  16. Klutu, be thankful they're not Night Terrors, where it's so scary you CAN'T wake yourself up, & you're stuck in between awake & asleep & you can't move or scream or anything. You just have to wait till you wake up & then you start to think it really IS happening.

    Had some scary car accident terrors, raining, twisties, cliffs, where I've gone flying into trees & just sat in the car, waiting, waiting, waiting to wake up.
  17. If I'm particularly stressed - I have dreams of spiders hanging from massive cobwebs over my bed :shock: The scary thing is that I'm found sitting up with my eyes open waving my arms over my head screaming whilst still being asleep. Creepy for witnesses.

    Since having my bike (8mths) I dream about riding most nights. Usually peaceful dreams so I'm not complaining :grin:

  18. ^^ Try waking up thinking there is millions of daddy long legs crawling all over you :LOL:

    I've had dreams like that too what does it mean? :shock:
  19. My funniest dream incident was flying back from overseas. Everyone had eaten their dinner and were finally settling in to sleep. The flight attendants dimmed the lights and all was quiet.

    I have no recollection but apparently as I lay(sat) asleep I started screaming in my sleep - out loud! It's really not something you want to hear on a plane. All the lights went on and the attendants were running over. People were waking up frightened and getting out of their seats.

    I remained asleep and woke a few hours later. Noticing that alot of people were looking at me during the rest of the flight I happily smiled at everyone in complete oblivion. I found out what had happened when I got off the plane and hid in shame :oops:
  20. Yeah, a recurring one since you posted a larger image of Buff Squirrel! But I'm not describing it...