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Nightlife in Adelaide??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Max Powers, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Hey all... I am heading to Adelaide for the weekend in a couple of weeks for the AFL game at AAMI... just wondering whats the best area to stay in and where to go?

    We are flying in first thing in the morning so we need a good area to bum around during the day... then ideally close to good nightlife a bit later on. So which kind of areas have the best concentration of good places? Prefer pubs n stuff with live music or party clubs to house music kind of places.. any help would be great.. cheers

  2. Best place to go is back to Melbourne ;)

    Everyone knows that Melbourne has the best nightlife.

    It costs you nothing to get stabbed/bashed/mugged/etc etc etc ;)
  3. .... just don't accept any kind offers to climb into any empty drums!!...... :shock:

  4. and get shot by cops :grin:
  5. Here is a recent pic of me and the missus enjoying the nightlife in Adelaide...

  6. When we lived there, my dad used to say that Adelaide was a beautiful city. It was well laid-out, it just hadn't been buried yet!

  7. Most of us hang around 24-hour petrol stations and buy microwave pies.
  8. At your age, assuming you'll be staying around the city, lazy days are best spent agound the cafe strip at the bottom end of Rundle St. There's also a pretty good pub there for nightlife, The Austral. A lot of night club action seems to be around North Tce, near the casino. The Archer Hotel in Nth. Adelaide seems busy also. Check the local papers for gig guides, Adelaide has a pretty good DJ scene too. You may get some good live music on Port Rd at the Governor Hindmarsh (refered to as the Gov).

    I couldn't live there, but it's a nice town all the same.
  9. Not pie floaters?
  10. I actually like pie floaters. Quite yummy late at night.
  11. ok here's a serious response:

    If you want somewhere to hang around all day on the saturday, you can go to Harbourtown, which is a massive discount shopping centre right near the airport. I spent 4 hours there last weekend with a mate who flew in from interstate.

    From there, you can head down to Glenelg & stroll Jetty Road, walk along the beach & the jetty.

    Friday & saturday nights there is ALWAYS live music at the Jetty Hotel, as well as in the city - check out the Crown & Anchor, Jade Monkey, Grace Emily, just to name a few.

    Unfortunately i'll be recording this weekend and have no doubt i'll be in the studio till very late every day so won't be able to show you around.

    what sort of stuff were you looking at doing?
  12. thanks edgelett and t_mike...
    i wont be there this weekend... im goin for the weekend of the 7th/8th/9th.. not much on the list of things to do... it will pretty much consist of relaxing, drinking and partying... im really not going to see the sights haha..
  13. You know vic ... If the earth were to get an enema, Melbourne is where they'd put the tube ;) :p

    In other news, Adelaide nightlife is interesting. We have one gaybar if you're into that sort of thing. Rundle Mall is good for shopping etc. but is empty after 6, but then either end of it (Rundle St and Hindley St.) is where most things are. Note, Hindley is notorious for violence etc., but most people who get into shit ask for it. Just don't go alone and you'll be fine.

    North Terrace is alright, like t_mike said near the casino, and there are various pubs / bars spread out throughout the city. Coopers Ale House on Pultney St. is one of my favourites. Also, there's a place called the Elephant hidden down a side street off Rundle St. brilliant place to go. They do meals until 9. Downstairs is like a pub / bar atmosphere and upstairs is more of a club atmosphere. Another one of my fav's.

    If you're a young bloke, the Uni Bar (in the Adelaide Uni grounds on North Terrace. You'd need to ask someone on the grounds for directions) is always fun.

    The Crown and Anchor (known as Cranker to the locals) is sometimes good.

    Oh, Electric Light is one of those places you either love or hate. Inside it's a club, out the back it's just a large beer garden with more bar atmosphere.

    I don't spend too much time down in Glenelg outside of daytime, so not sure.

    Just remember, no public transport after midnight so if you plan to be out late make sure you're in walking distance or have money for a taxi.

    Are you looking at staying in hotels or backpackers?
  14. ah i fly to the USA on the 7th....
    so unless you're going to be at the airport at 9am i'll miss you lol.

    on stueh's post:
    we have a LOT more than just 1 gay bar.
    you're thinking of the Mars Bar, which is the most well known.
    but the Wheatsheaf Hotel is a gay bar too. there are a few others if you really want to tour them lol

    hindley street, i agree is bad for violence. but rundle street at night is awesome.

    cranka kicks arse as a live band venue!

    you might want to check out the crown & scepter too.

    there are managed taxi ranks in the city to ensure people get home safely from the city too
  15. I'm not much into that scene as you can tell :p I heard here and there that it's the only one around, so yeah :p

    Edit: Oh, and sometimes at the Taxi rank they ask if you'd be happy to share a ride. If you say yes, they'll ask if anyone is going near where you're going and get them to go with you.

    If you're low on money, can work, but you'll have to work out payment with a complete stranger :p Not my cup of tea personally.
  16. Oh really? There's one in Newcastle and we knew it as "The Crowded Wanker".

    Accurate description that one.
  17. lol - i'm not 'in to that scene' either, but happen to work at the office of liquor & gambling..so i know which bars are frequented by which type of people.
  18. When I lived in Adelaide in 2000, there was a bar called "Rio's" on Hindley Street ? Is that still around ? Only good for stumbling across the entrance steps and to embarrass oneself with upstairs karaoke. Without considering the black bouncer out the front, with an afro making you feel you were in the Bronx, it was a place you felt you had to watch your back....

    Our usual haunts, apart from the Irish Pub on the top of Hindley.. P J O'Briens ? and Crazyhorse (yes, one of our work colleagues was a household guest there, so the mere mention of his name got us front row seats and exclusive rights to use the stage, on occasion..lol), we loved starting our Fridays at The Ramsgate pub, in Henley Beach, then cab it to The Grand Hotel, in Glenelg...plenty of young hot babes in the front bar, and for those not having a good night, or willing to experiment with older varieties, there was the back bar, affectionately known as 'The Dinosaur'(well, to us anyway) - anyone who couldn't at least land a contact number in there needed to see a doctor !

    Adelaide, despite being 'sleepy' compared to say Melbourne and Sydney, is a great place to socialize. Everyone is approachable and the ladies are very friendly and keen to meet/introduce themselves...a big difference in comparison to the snobs of well, Sydney, especially. And trust me, I've lived just about all over Oz !

    Have fun in Adelaide and watch your back passing Rio's.... :LOL:
  19. PJs is still there :)

    For reference, Crazy Horse is a strip club :p
  20. Hahaha..thanks for clearing that up for me Stueh - didn't get around to mentioning that :)