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Nightclub & after violence

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Doch, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. The town where I live has seen a huge increase in violence since the only 3 pubs have have had their closing times extended to 5am. Not a weekend goes past without a series of running blues going on in the town centre. Now Maccas is open 24hrs the p^ss heads pour themselves into there and it starts all over again.
    The local ammbo's are saying that bussines is brisk and most of that is due Maccas.
    A freind of number 1 sons got jumped by 3 drunks at wrotten ronnies in the wee hrs of a saturday morning in November, they got him on the ground and stomped on his head.
    They managed to repairhis skull fractures and most of the swelling has gone he has no short term memory, the doctors aren't sure if he will get it back, and hopefully the concussion should eaqse over the coming months.
    The offenders turned themselve in, their reason for the gutless attack mistaken id.

    Whats everyones take on what seems to be either a very real increase in nightclub / pub violence or is it a media beat up.
  2. I worked in security in bars/pubs/clubs for years, then as a bartender for a few more.

    It's the same as it's always been but it's finally been brought to everyone's attention.

    It's pretty bad, but 90% of the time the bad stuff only happens to people who are in desperate need of some... ahem... attitude adjustment.

    The other 10% are the real victims.

    Just my humble opinion.
  3. I still work in the industry and it's ****ed!!

    The police have no ****en idea.

    If they really & seriously wanted to combat the problem they would start at the foundation of the problem.
    Security isn't to blame, lock outs are a waste of time, they just don't seem to get it.

    The fault lies squarely on the owner/manager of the bar, it's really that simple.

    The establishment should be fined $5000 for every person that remains on their premises that is "smashed".

    The bar staff serve drunks all the time. It's all about the money.

    Security "cuts them off" but the manager will override your decision.

    Want to fix it, have the actual bar areas staffed with RSA officers and get tough on drunks. You can get drunk without being twat.
    At the first sign of "twatness"(new word :p) piff the ****ers out the door.
    Of course, it also helps if they were serious about your safety and employed the correct amount of crowd controllers.
    There needs to be a rethink by Liquor licencing about the minimum number of crowdies for each venue. Survey every single one of them. Set their maximum patron numbers and then set the minimum number of crowdies to be rostered on.

    Do spot checks and if the security numbers are low, hand out fines until it sinks in.
    If the patron numbers are too high, shut the bastards down.
  4. You cant do that!!! think of what will happen to the whole drug industry!:-s
  5. It is bad out at times, but no worse than in the past, when i was in sydney i went out most weekends for years, and witnessed brawls every week, knife play on the streets ect. now the media has decided to highlight it more is all.
    The police have done there big crackdown this week and taken the media with them, but it acheives nothing if there are not enough police around next week and things just go back to how they were.
  6. I don't think i've had a weekend out without something at least coming close to a fight. back when i was doing security i had to deal with crap on a weekly basis. Its definitely an ongoing thing, i don't think its gotten worse with the media beat up.
  7. I think drunken violence is a product of community dissatisfaction and general mild depression on the part of the undisciplined f@ggots who can't stop themselves being twats after a few drinks.

    Someone in the states has made a link between the murder rate and the road-toll
    As people are unhappier/angrier, they drive more aggressively or with less consideration for others.
    I imagine there's a parallel for all violent crime.

    Unhappy people go get pissed and make c***s of themselves. Some poor other people get hurt.