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Night Vision Helmet

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kiet88, May 8, 2010.

  1. High Visibility Helmet!

    Hi All,

    While riding home last night, I notice a reflective sticker on the back of a car.

    It then occurred to me that I had some left over reflective rim sticker. I thought hey, I may as else put this to good use and put some on my helmet.

    And here is the work in progress.

    • I have put the stickers on the top air vent - stuck on
    • I'm think of putting a strip along the top of the visor what do you think? (I initially but the sticker at the bottom of the visor but then I realised that if i put the visor up it would black part of the view.) - currently using blue tac
    • I'm consider a small strip just above a mouth vent... but i dont know how visible this will be since it is facing the sky - currently using blue tac

    • I have put the stocker on teh back air vent - stuck on
    • I am thinking two vertical strip along the blue lines - currently using blue tac
    • I might also a small strip at the bottom - currently using blue tac

    I can only do either the last point on the front and back, but not both... What do you guys think...

    Edit: My Helmet is a Shoei XR-1000

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  2. SWEET! i'll have to do the same.

    I think the sides and the back are the most important.
  3. Just to add, I have to test haw visible this is on the road... but will do so in the next few days.. now just need to find some one to travel behind me to give me their opinion
  4. I was given a small roll of white reflective tape some time ago.I sliced it thin and it has been applied to my lid.
    I have lil strips on the sides of my lid, a long vertical stripe on the back and two strips on the top at the front..I'll see If I can get a shot in the day and dark to post up over the next few days. I dont have a problem with being conspicuous.
  5. just to correct you, it would be a Hi Viz (High-visibility) helmet, not a night vision helmet, night vision is what the army uses
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  7. LOL he'll have a 'night vision' motorbike soon too
  8. yerh it really it should be titled hi-viz helmet...

    the only reason why i but it was night vision helmet... was cause..
    a) it sounds better
    b) the air vents at the top kind of looks like eyes.. and when my cousin saw it it thought.. night vision helmet... so i thought i'd use that..

    but hey, how cool would it be if I really did have a night vision helmet while on my bike :]
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    dumb and dumber video.. i prob deserve that.... please don't flame me :-( but hey.. its not a bad movie.

    I got you thinking about high viz stickers for your bike now didnt I?

    I;m thinking about getting some high viz tape from work safety stores and sticking them on my bike... i'll post some pics once I buy it and stick them on.
  10. oh dude, i didn't mean the dumb and dumber video for you! i just found it while youtubing. I'm REALLY not calling you dumb :(
  11. oh haha... random post then... no sleep will be lost on this
  12. it was just funny : read it again (the text relating to the website addresses)
  13. lol someone had to do this

    nah jk. seriously, i had this idea before but also read somewhere that the adhesive substance MIGHT (big might) harm the shell from chemical reaction. perhaps someone can shed a light on this?
  14. Yeah, read the title and thought 'whaa?'
    Been sorely tempted to modify matte black lid for a while, this looks like a cool way to do it. I also own a shoei... xr1000 is that? Doubt blue tack would really change the strength of the helmet but hey, would rather not gamble it.
  15. I was only using the blue tak temporary to hole the tape in place to see how it looked like...
  16. I ended up buy a meter of 3M diamond grade reflective tape in white from RSEA for 9.95 a meter...

    So far I have only stuck it on the back part of my helmet because I wanted to see how reflective it actually was on the road... I've had a few comments saying that it does work so I will start adding in more over the weekend.

    IF you looking at the helmet, it is not that noticeable unless your you specifically looking for the tape.. so it camouflages in with the helmet quite well.. I am also think about getting some blue tape on fleebay to fill in the blue sections.

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  17. You can also buy reflective sticker kits. Anything to make us more noticeable, especially at night, can only be a good thing.

  18. If my next helmet is a plain white or black, I might go down that route...

    I guess also good if you get bored of the design, you can always peel the stickers off and get new ones
  19. That looks great mate, good alternative to wearing a colourful jacket. I use my bike almost exclusively and only have/desire black/brown jackets so a bit more high vis on my helmet would be an awesome idea.

    Also have a plain white helmet so I am sure I can draw a face or something on with the tape =P

    Any idea if places like bunnings would sell this tape.?
  20. DrewBytes - where did you get your kit from? Any chance of a photo with the strips lit up?

    Also - does anyone know anywhere in Melbourne that sells the black reflective tape?