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Night sky

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by smee, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Some milky way Pics taken with the camera and a wide angle zoom lens albeit down the peninsula in the back yard of the in-law's house Still a bit of light pollution but they are ok considering it's the first time I've attempted this sort of photography of the stars.
    There was some exposure tweaking as these were shot in RAW but no special effects or added stuff, whatever the camera captured in these exposures was brought out only.

    Last one is Orion nebula in Orion's belt I think.



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  2. Nice work.
  3. Beautiful
  4. Love your work, smee (y)
  5. very nice, theres a guy on, i think, ausphotog, might be another, who does a lot of this, has some really good write ups on how to etc. never tried it myself.

    good stuff!
  6. fantastic :)
  7. This is actually a good subject to trawl youtube for. There's some quite brilliant stuff up there.

  8. Imagine a completely dark night with no light pollution!!
    Thanks for the comments guys and gals.
  9. So that's what an active optics mirror looks like at work. Cool.
  10. That's the sort of shot I'm aiming at.
  11. Nice shots... :)
  12. Wow, those are so nice!

    I've been having a go at some time lapse stuff with GoPros with mixed results but combining that with landscape/nature is really beginning to interest me. I love your shots. Have you seen this stuff? I think I've seen it posted here before. Very inspiring:

  13. It was videos like the one above that inspired me, I need a darker area though and now that we are approaching a full moon will have to wait a fortnight.
  14. Great shots !!! Keep them coming.... (y)
  15. Don't know if you saw my posts about heading up to Dartmouth Vic last week when my fuel pump started playing up. I spent the night there and we drove down the road a bit just to see the stars in total darkness with no light pollution. It was just awesome. When I was younger I had the opportunity to do that a few times on a mountain near Death Valley California. Never seen anything like it.

    I'm really trying hard to save up enough for some better equipment so I can try for some interesting photos as well. Keep posting your stuff please.
  16. great pics Smee, keep em commin :)
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  17. Fatastic, just fantastic! Keep up the great work and lets have some more :)