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Night Riding

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Because of my schedule, I tend to go for 1 to 2 hour rides at night from 8:30pm onwards. It's mainly city riding as I'm not too familiar with the streets of SYD, but if I had a partner, I'd be willing to venture out further. I know it's not ideal, but I have to take seat time when I can get it.

    Anyone else out there in the city (I'm in Balmain) do the same? If you're interested in going for rides at the same time, give me a holla!

    I'll be going out tonight (Sunday), and will do it again on Monday or Wednesday.

  2. If you like night riding, Sydney Knights meets on every Tuesday 7:30pm at Burwood 7-Eleven. Sydneys Riders (emphasising on the S, there's also another group called Sydney Riders) meets on every Thursday 7:30pm at Five Dock Shell.

    I've never been to any SK rides so not sure how they are like, but some of the SR guys ride both nights, so you will see familiar faces if you go on either night. I went to a couple of SR rides last year, they are a friendly and large group, you can read more on their Facebook page.
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  3. Sydneys Riders are a great group to meet up with.
  4. If you check out the departure video of their recent 4 Ferries day ride on Facebook, you will get an idea of the numbers. :D
  5. Sydney Nights are pretty full on so I think you are better off with the riders.
    if you are comfortable riding with a large number of bikes in close quarters at reasonably
    quick speeds then you will have a good ride.
    I did enjoy it but I moved away.
    I dont know your experience riding I am just going by the 125 Aprilia
    Enjoy if you go
  6. Pm sent Justin