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Night riding in Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Nug-Nugget, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know of any good roads to go riding on, or places to go riding to at night in Sydney? I usually have time to go for long rides in the evening after about 10pm. I also like riding at that time because there is a lot less traffic. I'm looking for fun, well lit roads, and places I can get off the bike for a rest with a view. Not national parks or anything, they are too dark and I'm worried about the wildlife.

  2. there are many groups that ride at night in sydney, up in the nasho and old road area etc, its ok mostly they dont have any issues with wildlife more with some riders not having enough skill. Look around on facebook for sydneys riders you sound like you would fit with their crowd.
  3. mmm.. just watch what group you ride with. Some are pron to dickheadery and have crashes nearly every ride.
  4. Haha not sure if that's a compliment or insult. Thanks for that I will check it out. But I'm looking more for places I can go by myself. Because my rides are usually a spur of the moment thing. Like the missus goes to bed early, I got nothing to do, got energy to burn kind of thing.

  5. At that time of night....I always used to enjoy Barrenjoey road upto palm beach
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  6. well there are not a great deal of nice twisty roads that are also lit up, just cruise through the city, down the rocks and shit, up the beaches is ok if your not from round there, just ride around the city. But yeah if you go with the organised regular rides at least you can go on roads with no lights and be relatively safe
  7. maybe comenarra parkway from west pymble to thornleigh or combine with lady game drive. watch out for the camera. not sure about how well lit these roads are.
  8. also maybe new south head road??
  9. mona vale road?
  10. pittwater road near Ryde?
  11. you could probably connect all those together for a good 90min ride
  12. well except N S H Rd
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    Forgot to mention I'm in the South West.

    Just looked this up on google maps, that could be a goer. Thanks mate.

    New south head road too, good suggestion.
  14. Not sure about the city, I commute there everyday so I'm not too keen on that. But that would be the most lit up place at that time. Beaches would be good, maybe to The Gap even? There's that nice twisty road where that light house is nearby too.
  15. yeah old and new south head road are ok for a ride, down to watsons bay etc is nice around sunset after DST comes in to avoid the traffic. City is a bit boring but its where people cruise for the pose, george st, kingsx etc, rocks is fun because of the underpass bridge part (hickson road? i dont know the street names just where im going) where your exhaust will reverberate and sound sick.

    Athol wharf road by taronga zoo is a short section of empty twisties after 6pm (last ferry +zoo shuts) its got a few lights on it in parts, pretty short but a couple of nice corners and some good city views at the end.
    Down to la perouse is pretty cool if you just want a place to stand around and smoke cigarettes at while looking at your bike. I dunno im just listing places where i used to drive around late at night with mates when i was on my red p's but not old enough to drink at a pub.

    But if i was you i would just hook in with some of those groups and ride with them.
  16. if your in the southwest Liverpool, Campbeltown, Camden I'd recommend Menangle, Douglas park, Picton, barkers lodge road etc.

    there not well lit, but i have ridden them at dusk, dawn and late at night and there is little if any wildlife and you rarely see large road kill.

    traffic is very little, and the area is seldom policed.

    depending on exactly where you are starting/finishing, there are enough interesting roads to do a short 30mins, or a long 3-4 hours
  17. Bobbin Head

    McCarrs Creek Rd

    Also, when West Head Rd used to be on manual gates (now electronic!), I used to check when running Akuna Bay.

    In the 13 years or so of running that road at night at least once a week, I only found the gates open once to West Head.

    It was a night i'll never forget.
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  18. Great roads but watch out for the wildlife, there's a lot out at dusk.
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    Just remember if you are jumping the gate to West head after it closes... how is an ambo going to get to you if you hit any one of the many kangaroos hopping around?
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  20. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Some real promising ones there that I will definitely try. I had a bit of time tonight so I went down Henry Lawson Drive because it's pretty close to where I live. There weren't many twists and turns and it was very dark in some places, but it was ok.