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night riding/fluro vests/stickers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pot87, May 10, 2008.

  1. hey guys, who on here wears a fluro vest or has fluro stickers on their jacket when riding at night?. I have a fluro vest but i'm thinking about getting fluro stickers so i can put them on my jacket like on the arms, back, and front. So yeah any ideas on where i can get fluro stickers from?.

  2. I'm sure you're fabulously visible.
  3. Just don't go overboard, ok? :p


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  5. I asked this question a while back. It was actually pretty hard to track down. I ended up getting some from a US website. They seem to have loads over there, but not much at all here. Some of the bicycle shops have some clip ons for legs etc, but nothing that would fit over leathers and boots. I did put some reflective tape on various bike bits which is pretty much invisible during the day, but does the job at night.

    Course now I have my spunky pink fluro vest which I'm pretty proud of when I'm in after-dark, peak hour traffic! I have yet to see another one out there on the roads.
  6. 3M Scotchlite (I think it is, from memory) retroreflective tapes from engineering supply and maybe hardware supply shops.

    Available in plenty of colours (even black), which all retroreflect back white/silver light.
  7. Retroreflective material is the same as the reflective stuff on numberplates.
    The numberplate is where the good Mr Plod aims his handheld Lidar gun, because it increases the effective range of his Lidar. 904nM IR Laser just loves retroreflective stuff.

    But oh dear, there's a problem, bikes don't have a front numberplate.

    So a nice retroreflective vest may help you be seen at night, but it may also cost you in a way you had not expected........
  8. ^Coz people who wear fluoro vests are all about evasion :p
  9. Fat load of help some of you guys are :p

    The safety supply shops stock them as they do large amounts of ear plugs and fluoro vests.
  10. Why encourage someone to look like a complete tool? :shock:

    It'd be easier to go to a $2 dollar shop and buy a string of Xmas lights. They could wrap them all over themselves and no one could then miss them...especially those really aiming.... :twisted:
  11. My work clothes are the safety type so i spose i'm already doing that :wink:
  12. Identifiable clothing / decals, etc. can be bad if you want to stay harder to identify ;)

    Ebay reflective rim tape - can be very visible at night! Also consider modulating rear brake light (if you are too lazy / aren't in the habit of taping brakes and checking mirrors whilst stationary/slow at traffic lights).
  13. I'd rather be a live tool than a dead smartarse. :roll:
  14. I've got one of these:

    Planning on wearing it for the first six months or so while I am learning, and I'll evaluate it later when I am more experienced.
  15. most of you guys are funny i was cracking up.
  16. Doesn't matter anyway. You can plaster yourself in all the retroreflective material in the world and you'll still be invisible :evil: .
  17. Yep you don't see mine, as I'm travelling CBD -> South, but observing other riders around dusk, when, we all are watching waist high and up, those vests are really good.
  18. today i saw a bloke riding up the bruce highway north bound towards forest glen on a kawasaki sports bike not sure if it was a ninja, but he had a bright fluro yellow motorbike jacket and bright fluro yellow pants and i was on the other side of the road travelling south in my big rig and i noticed him, before i noticed the bike on the other side of the highway. My eyes just seemed to lock onto him (not in a gay way) but you know my eyes just locked onto him as he was travelling north bound towards forest glen. I then was wondering where he would have got the fluro gear from cause i ain't seen them in the bike shops.
  19. You were just the bee to the honey pot, lol pmsl. But anything that gets you noticed is worth the money.