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Night Riding anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by V8cressida, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Have you deliberately just gone for a fang just after dusk (for the hell of it).

    I did, thought i'd try Grasstree Hill at night.........The result...:twisted:


    Had me new camera on board as well.....I think my bike needs a wash.....got any bug remover?

  2. what type of bugs are they? mozzies?? if so, they are huge
  3. Was the ride visor up or down?

    Just checking.. :p

  4. Bit of everything I think8-[
  5. gosh, grass tree at night?

    are there still patches of gravel strewn across corners?
    or has it all washed away now?
  6. Nah was clean (that I noticed:facepalm:). Nearly came a cropper, not being able to see through the corner, but hey you get that.

  7. What happen to your jacket then? do you know that we have the thing we on the car that can scare insect away from mile?

    Any idea?
  8. Jacket wasn't to bad mostly protected by the fairing me thinks. Not sure about the insect device you speak of.

  9. Ive had a bruised knee from hitting bugs so large that even through the kevlar lining they have hurt me.