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Night riding and cold

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MiSe, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Hiya!

    Well yesterday we couldn't wait to try and do some practice so we chose the coldest and darkest night to practice.

    Went to the bush near my house, it was pretty dark and I might as well been holding match lit up instead of my high beams it would have made more light than my mozzie tiny spotlight...it was that bad!

    Lucky for me panda scoot (Honda pcx) was 200m behind me and able to shed some good light on me! Btw I loved seeing my shadow super cool!! :D

    So now I've got to find some big ass lightbulb to fit in my CB and with it do my first attempted bike mod! Any suggestions? Maybe links ?

    Also I noticed that when I'm cold and without dinner and with 10/11 hrs work in my brain I drive the car ok but I ride the bike like crap, it really makes a difference riding fresh head on a Sunday morning after a nice cuppa and a big brekkie...with no frozen knees and hands that makes me think.. One could install a coffee brewer next to the cylinder warming up knees that pumps coffee through the handles warming them up then wires to the helmet and feeds warm coffee ...that'd be nice not the most effective probably will taste poopy but would increase awareness...or maybe like most of you would say common sense: put the bike down and take it when your brain is fully switched on in gear like your bike. ...I'd love to ride every day but aside from coldness lack of skills lack of light and limited hours it's like starving and having a cake in a glass fridge locked in front of you with a sign on it saying 'wait till the weekend' Why!! Can anyone relate to this or I'm the only mammoth working during light hours and not being able to ride at this time of the year cause noob+cold+lack of light+brain retard at night+ inexistent high beams on bike + feeling invisible = playing chess with chances which I don't think are worth yet to take....?
  2. MiSeMiSe don't worry about it. We're getting over the worst of it, things will start to warm up, daylight will last longer, happy days. Besides, you'll be trading that cb in soon anyway ;)
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  3. Can't wait for summer! :) thanks for the reassurance! I've got itchy feet!! I was thinking to keep mozzie till I get my full license I just need to wait a year and a bit if I pass my Red P then I can just go for the next best thing...mmm
  4. You mean that monster air-cooled thumper isn't keeping you warm? :D

    My movements aren't quite as smooth when I'm too chilly, but I'm even less comfortable when I'm too warm.
  5. if you want a coffee maker as an accessory you will need an MV Agusta

    it's a good point about being fresh, I agree that being tired, hungry, too cold or not feeling well is not optimal when it comes to riding
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  6. I'm a lizard where there's a sun ray there's me I'll be in my habitat in summer!! :D
  7. :D lol Italian stuff always combines with a good cup of coffee
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  8. Well there's one you can tick off the experience checklist :)

    Can you ride when you're tired cold and hungry yes should you no :)
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  9. good point! I'll keep it in the checklist for when I'll be able to do road trips across Australia, although I'll have less chances of tailgaters crazy fcukers and stop signs but more of roos jumping to greet me...mmm
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  10. theres a reason bikes are cheaper in the winter.

    don't stress, ride weekends, the weather will be better soon.
  11. ...are they? :D yeh can't wait! I picked winter to learn riding so I'll be good by summer but yeh....it's a slow painful process the gap between rides is a like a long day at work...meehhhhh
  12. Hi MiSeMiSe, you should be content to just practice to get your skills up without all the extra distractions. There is a massive difference between a newbie, and a newbie with 2 years experience. Just let the night stuff happen when it is time, don't rush the experience. Riding only gets better, so no need to rush it.
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  13. Well done, and yeah, make sure you're alert when riding.
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  14. True that...gotta practice zen mindset and wait patiently and enjoy ...can only go forward right?! :)
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  15. Yes that's what I understood from the ride it was just very laggy can't afford lag!
  16. this is one way
    Headlight replacment for cb125e

    or get a generic H4 headlight that fits in your housing, and then a decent "Plus 100" or similar H4 bulb
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  17. Exactly correct. I had a love hate relationship with my bike, but I look and think where I want it to go, and I'm there. Now I have a love love relationship with my bike. I want a more powerful one, but in any corner, I have so much more power that is available. So riding is second nature now.
  18. Thank you!!:)
  19. That's nice :) I see what you mean, build up the good habits get to love your bike and know how to stir it so then you can upgrade if you want to...true words!
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  20. Silk gloves worn inside your leather gloves will help keep your hands warmer. When it gets really cold I put on my wet weather gear. It is water and wind proof. If you replace your headlight globe make sure your alternator can deliver enough power or you may end up with a chronic flat battery. Happy riding. In six months you may feel uncomfortably hot !
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