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Night riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, May 12, 2008.

  1. Cause of my work, I am up at all sorts of irregular hours and sometimes find myself going for a ride at like 3am. Othertimes I'll have to start at 5am and I'll wake up at 1 then decide I can't get back to sleep so I go for a 3 hour ride.

    Never seem to come across many others [bikes] on my travels except for during summer. Anyone here wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and get bitten by the riding bug? Or am I just a freak? [I'm aware that I'm leaving myself open by that last bit :LOL: ]
  2. I work nights a lot (as you can tell by the 4.30am post), and during the warmer months have gone for a bit of a hoon around town on the way home in the wee hours of the morning. I really like doing it, gives you a chance to toally disconnect and just cruise.
  3. I'm a night owl and typically find myself up until the wee hours of the morning (3am). I've been known to get the urge and go out for a splat around Sydney around 1 or 2am for an hour or two. It's great having practically all the roads to yourself
  4. I ride early most weekends (unless I have a ride on later).
    There are usually a few bikes around Sassafras, Olinda, Monbulk
    when I go up there. A bit quieter out around St Andrews.
    Love having the roads to myself!
  5. I do the same here.
    Initially to get more experience (on L's), but now actually quite enjoy it at night. Make a habit a couple of times a week to go out night time.

    Always have a giggle when riding along the beach roads around midnight and see parked cars with steamed windows :?
  6. Nothing like a nice ride at night, especially on weeknights when there is absolutely no cars about.

    Do you find there is a lot of wildlife around at that time? I know when I was riding from Cockatoo late at night I was always worried about hitting a roo or wombat. Never saw one though.
  7. I used to on the Ninja a fair bit. My lights suck a bit too much on the Tuono. :/

    That said, it's often dark on the way home from work these days - does that count?
  8. Riding 'witchin hours'? It's the best, but I get bored riding alone these days, and it's not too easy to find riding buddies at 2 am ....
  9. I ride at night all the time, its the one good thing about having insomnia, except all the Taxi's out at night (fricking wanker, stop anywhere, go as fast as you please, cut people off, dont headcheck, no indicating, non english speaking wankers)... they scare me.. and the pickles, i don't know why but i cant stop thinking about pickles....
  10. Yeah Pickles are the main reason why I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes too many othertimes lack of [pickles]

    Also the level of salt in said Pickle. After I eventually got to sleep the other night I had a nightmare that there was a pickle with no salt :shock:
    I pray to God every day that never becomes a reality.
  11. If pickle thinking is giving you trouble, why not try pickle DRINKING!

  12. Ktulu, that pic is bullsh$t. Don't spit on my pickle and tell me it's mayonaise [-X

    edit - I saw the site but I don't believe it :LOL:
    Besides, Pickle juice? Let's not be silly!

    I'm on a strict diet at the moment anyway. Shakes, cakes and soup [pickle of course]


  13. Here's the recipe for the Pickle soup -

    30 g butter
    60 g all-purpose flour
    1660 ml chicken broth
    70 g finely chopped dill pickles
    20 g dill pickle juice
    25 g white sugar
    15 ml Worcestershire sauce
    6 g minced garlic
    20 ml onion salt
    1 g dill weed
    2 g curry powder
    1 g white pepper
    2 bay leaves
    475 ml warm milk

    Melt butter in a large stockpot over medium heat. Whisk in flour, and cook until the flour just begins to turn from white to a pale beige, 1 to 2 minutes. Whisk in chicken broth until thickened and smooth. Increase heat to medium high, add dill pickles, pickle juice, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, onion salt, dill weed, curry powder, white pepper, and bay leaves. Bring to a simmer, then reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 5 minutes, whisking frequently. Remove from heat and whisk in milk. Remove bay leaves before serving.

    Here's one i prepared earlier :)

  14. see a few out near St Andrews and Hurstbridge. can't decide if they are dumber than the cyclists.
  15. I always ride at night. I work late arvo shift so am finishing around midnight. Much nicer time to ride, tho. Nothing better than rugging up and going for a ride. :grin:
  16. night shift here too.... its exciting to ride in the fog on the way home.