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Night Ride to Palm Beach Saturday 31st January 2009

Discussion in 'NSW' started by fasteddie, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Sorry for the late notice, but a few riders are doing a night ride tomorrow night, meeting at Hooters Parramatta for dinner and then heading off to Palm Beach.

    Details are:

    Date : 31st January
    Meeting place : Hooters Rosehill (132 James Ruse drive, Rosehill):


    Meeting time : 6:00pm
    Departure time : 7:30pm
    Where are we going ? Palm Beach
    Who's going? So far, myself, Samsico, Johnm + others I'm sure.

    Anyone is welcome to join us so hope to see you there. Just post so we can let Hooters know how many to expect.

  2. As in Palm Beach on the NB?
  3. light meals & evening beach ride, sounds fun! :dance:

    cruise is about 50kms/way, its at sightseeing pace with a lead & tail rider.
  4. Watch out for hooters, last time I was there 10 of us puked from food poisoning!

  5. lol what did u eat?

    i reckon you couldnt get your eyes off the titties and u ate the salt and pepper shakers
  6. Sounds good. I'll come along.
  7. Thanks for the photos... I enjoyed so much...
  8. Your welcome Kris. Thanks for joining us. Perhaps hOOters on James Ruse Drive Rosehill could become a start point for future rides, certainly the night ones. Would like to do more rides preceeded by a meal. Great chance to chat etc.
  9. what a hoot ;P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.