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Night on the town on a 99 CBR F4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I was heading to coffee at Willy with a detour past a mates place to bring him along.
    Did a dirty bike swap and had a play on his CBR…
    Ground rules were set (He decided I had to follow any where that there was danger of finding a hidden sneaky cop camera.
    First up you swing the leg over and it feels a bit big but comfortable as… A Tweak of the throttle and she barks (No refined roll on like the R6). We start to roll and she hops a little as I roll open a little bit of juice (Hmmm Once again not as smooth as the R6). So we roll out onto some tarmac and I get the feel of the bike. She moves nicely and apart from the extra grunt and the fact that my little ZZR is in front of my I’d almost not know I was on an other bike. Seating position and saddle shape give you the same sort of feedback. So I pushed here through a couple of corners, same hesitation as the R6 But doesn’t suddenly drop into the corner in the same way (Much more consistent when you make your turns). The gearbox is a little softer than the R6 but still picks up gears confidently. And clutch less up shifts were smooth as (Bit jumpy on the downs)

    So out onto the freeway (so now I am allowed to let it rock) I Get to the top of the onramp, pick my line and… Well it just didn’t blow me away like the R6 did. It rolled the power on but there was no mind-blowing acceleration. I mean I could see my little ZZR disappearing to a speck in the mirrors, but There was no twitch of the wrist and burn your license experience. There was no watching the Tacho launching around the dial… Any way… so I throw it into a few un-necessary lane changes to make up for the acceleration. Once again small delay then she is where you want. Stable sure footed, comfortable, the bike was definitely all of these things. Up to the Bolte offramp and I sit the settle the needle right on the Ton and get my self positioned for the corner. She just sits there. No wiggles, no twitches, just a smooth corner keep the eyes on the vanishing point and let her roll on. Change from the right sweep into the left just before joining the Westgate, and once again as I move my weight around. No wiggle no twitching, Just rolling on through. So the engine may not have inspired me, but this bike was a very stable little platform.
    Over all it was a bit of fun, but the F4 is not going to be on my shopping list. If someone handed me one and said we are going on a road trip I would feel confident that it would do anything I asked of it. But The bike just didn’t get the blood pumping. And the throttle control didn’t leave me feeling confident for things like splitting.

    I will have to mention this particular bike was due for a service so it is possible that there is more that you could get out of one, but it would have to be one big service to make enough of a difference to inspire me. It would be a nice intermediate step off the ZZR, but I don’t have the cash to make intermediate steps. My next bike is going to have to keep me for a while so this one probably isn’t it..
    [EDIT]R6 review found here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39861 [/EDIT]