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Night Lighting?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dougster, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Has anyone here put cosmetic night lighting on their bikes or thought about it? I'm talking about under fairings, lighting up the engine space or wheels etc...nothing to specky - just modest.

    I think it's an interesting idea, not too difficult and would probably help with visibility by other car drivers, esp from the side.

  2. so you dont mean hot pink fullllllllllly sickkkkkkkkk neonz under the car like the really cool boyz down chapel st have ? (the ones with the gel in their hair?)

    i think it sounds like a good idea but i thought those fully sick lights on cars were illegal.

    someone else pls post something more useful :D
  3. I had the same idea of puttung LED under fairings and under the bike. The LEDs that I was looking at just needed a 12V source and stick it where ever you want to.

    At the moment I dont know much about my bike yet. So I cant quite find where to hook up my LED to a voltage source.

    I'm also thinking of installing a switch to kill my lights. Since I pretty sure its illegal I'll prob only use the lights when I park my bike and also when Im on the back streets with no cops around...

    I heard some people said that its not illegal to install them on ur car but it's illegal to drive with those lights on...
  4. yeah illigal
    But officer they are just over sized parking lights.
    Im getting around to doing mine just a few simple LEDs stratigicaly placed. Hooked up to run of my high beam switch, as i already modified the wiring a bit
  5. Great idea, go for it..... if you want to be a total :jerk:
  6. play nicely... the original post sounded like it was for visibility & safety, not cool-factor, fashion, or to look fully sick
  7. A friend of my has two white leds under his tail of his bike, and ill tell ya, it really makes a massive difference in visibility at night.
  8. yeah...I've gone and done that. I made an LED array for my brake light, and included 8 white LEDs for the number plate. I probably could have gotten away with 2, but didn't think I'd get an even coverage....that and it was $4 for 10 LEDs. The white colour certainly shows the rear of the bike better.

    I just wondered about the rest - putting some LEDs around the engine bay area so it can be seen at night. I'm not so sure that is illegal - only if it were blinding, but since it is all hidden, I doubt that is a problem.

    For anyone interested, here's where I got my White and Red LEDs from (was cheaper than local):

  9. just do it ,be seen be safe n looks great aswell


  10. Have you had any comments from cops?
    Since my bike is blue, I will go with blue LEDs. Then I thought, for a few bucks extra, I could make it switch red when the brakes are applied...I think people behind me would get the message (please stop behind me!)

    note: this all stems from the fact my sister was behind me in the car last week in the evening and said she could hardly see me. I'm taking that as a warning.
  11. not a word from the cops yet , have a switch at finger tips anywho , charmed has blue led's waiting to go on her bike
  12. Be careful with the blue lights turning into red when the brakes are applied because you can get booked for imporsonating a police officer. That said and done, I would love to add a little more lighting to my bike (something like the trucks have on them) to increase visability.
  13. Nothin flash about these led's Mr Charmed's are red, mine blue full stop. No fancy flashin crap, flick of a switch & there either on or off.

    Mind you mine are still sitting in the cupboard.
  14. I'd be much more interested in the manufacturers gving us headlights that actually show up the road when you're going round corners. Someone I brought this subject up with last week had a simple solution; don't ride at night!!!

    Seriously, we've got 21st century everything and 18th century lighting, but bikes are going faster than ever.
  15. Yeah not everyone can do that. When i would go to work at 3 in the afternoon, i needed to get home in the evening when work is finished 8 or so hours later. And we adelaideians meet up on a wednesday night. Hard to do it during the day when everyone is working.

    But the idea of LED's sounds very practical in theory.
    I might just have a serious think about it now and where i would stategicaly place them for maximimum efectiveness.
  16. I thought about that one a while back but haven't needed to worry about it with the current night bike (nice wide horizontal spread of my low/high beam). Since you don't turn the bars but tilt the bike, I would consider 2 mercury switches hidden on the steering column somewhere. Then wire it (with relays obviously) to operate counter miniature lights on the bike that have been directed to where you normally cannot see or something like that. The only difficulty would be setting the switch to trigger at the angle you want
  17. I'd be more worried about cagers seeing this 'strange lit up' thing coming towards them on the rd and them thinking 'wtf is that?' = possible target fixation?
  18. [​IMG]
  19. If I was to expect such a response from anybody, Mark, it would surely have been from you. :rofl:.
  20. I only thought of it because Voyager has been pressuring me to put an acetylene lamp on the SR500. I've resisted because a) they are too complex and b) briquettes are cheaper and burn longer.